The Pattern of Yamato meeting the Straw Hats


What is Oda’s plan for Yamato meeting the rest of the Straw Hats?

There is a pattern forming regarding Yamato not meeting the rest of the Straw Hats, except Luffy. There has been near misses with Robin, Jinbe, Franky, Sanji, Brook and Zoro, respectively. It started before Yamato was introduced in Chapter 983, where Yamato was behind Robin and Jinbe.

  • Yamato met General Franky, not seeing Franky himself. Yamato never answered his question either.

When Yamato left Momonosuke and Shinobu in Chapter 1012 to go to the rooftop, they never came across any Straw Hats, between then and when they reached the rooftop in Chapter 1015. After Luffy took over the fight against Kaido, Yamato left Momonosuke to go to the armoury in the basement of the castle.

  • Sanji ran away from the Live Floor moments before Yamato showed up. Zoro had left the Live Floor earlier during his fight against King.
  • When Robin and Brook were trying to escape CP0, they landed on Fuga’s head. Yamato was in the same room, but neither party met one another, due to Yamato running towards the armoury (taking Fuga with them after Brook and Robin jumped off his head).
  • As Yamato is heading towards the basement, Zoro lands there during his fight against King. Two chapters later, they are fighting outside the castle again.

Yamato has been aware of the Straw Hats for two years now, and now, a couple of the Straw Hats are becoming aware of Yamato during the chaos of this raid on Onigashima, and wondering who Yamato is.

This pattern of Yamato almost meeting some of the Straw Hats appears to deliberate by Oda.

Does Oda plan on having Yamato meet the rest of the Straw Hats, similar to how Jinbe met the crew during Fishman Island? If so, when will this happen?

Who will be the next Straw Hat to have a near miss with Yamato, out of Usopp, Nami and Chopper?

However, what if Yamato will not meet any of the Straw Hats except Luffy?

These questions are some to think about as Wano progresses towards its end.

Thanks for reading.

*by Competitive_Reading9

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