The Portrayal of the Monster Trio through the Series


Do you remember when people were saying Monster Trio is not real or Sanji got kicked out of Monster Trio since Jinbe joined the crew??

Well, not only Monster Trio is canon, the portrayal of it is immensely shown throughout the series.

First it was confirmed by Nami in Thriller Bark.


And second was Caribou in Fishman Island.

Now, Oda likes to put Luffy, Zoro and Sanji in the same panel A LOT.


In an interview, Oda puts Zoro and Sanji as the Wings of the Pirate King.

Which later got confirmed in Chapter 1022.

Then we got the “Stars” statement from Marco which also referred to both Zoro and Sanji.

And just like the interview, both Zoro and Sanji have trust on Luffy and got his back.

One wing can’t be heavier than another. The Wings are indisputable placement of the crew.

*by Zoro D Goat

Shanks wanted to make Ace the next Pirate King!

Sanji is way stronger than we thought!