The Real Identity of Jewlery Bonnie


Bonnie is Ginny’s clone and the first sucessful experiment of the 21 grams theory… In the Reverie, Bonnie infiltrated as Queen Dowager of the Sorbet Kingdom, Connie. My guess is that Kuma and Ginny became King and Queen, Ginny died and her mom (Connie) assumed the throne, since Kuma was a Schichibukai and couldn’t rule.


Another important point is that we never see Bonnie talking about her mother, she doesn’t show she remebers her or that she spent time with Ginny, we always see Bonney emotional over Kuma and what has been done to him but she never reacts like this for Ginny? The reason being she didn’t know of Ginny’s existence. She has 2 crewmembers that knew of Ginny (the 2 kids Kuma saved and grew up to be her crewmembers)?

Kuma accepted the Warlord title and to become the test subject for project Pacifista in order for Sorbet Kindgdom to guarantee a seat in the Reverie without paying more heavenly tribute. The King of Vodka Kingdom sold Kaido to the World Government for less to guarantee a seat, so there is a story precedent here. What is not known is did he become the king of the entire island? Did the island split in two kingdoms with northern province and southern province of Sorbet Kingdom and he became king of Southern Province? The flashback already made clear the island was religiously divided in two.


The female naming scheme for members of royality has paralels in Vivi’s family and Boa’s family. Boa= female term for good in portuguese, Gloriosa= female term in portuguese for Glorious. So, Gloriosa, Shakky, ??? (We still don’t know who was the empress after Shakky) and Boa. Lily, Titi, Vivi.
Connie, Ginny, Bonnie.

There is also the parallel to real cloning, where clone cells age faster. What Devil Fruit does Bonnie have again? Age Age Fruit. Essentially, Bonnie ages 2.5 times faster than a normal human. Hence why her being an eight year old with an appearance of early 20’s makes sense. Dolly the Sheep was the first clone animal and died 7 years later, the average sheep has a life expectancy of 12 years old. Dolly showed signs of increased cellular aging and age related diseases when it was still “young”, like multiple tumors on several organs and arthritis when she was 4 years old. There is also the fact Kuma is a pastor/shepard…

Another point for the disconnect between Bonney’s real age and physical age, Sugar exists with the appearance of a 10 year old but a biological age of 22. How about Momonosuke? He is 8 years old mentally but in the body of a 28 year old adult? So there are 2 story precedents for age shannigans in One Piece.


The way Ginny was introduced was similar to Bonney, they have shared manneirisms, clothibg style, both were introduced in moments where slavery was the central theme, their posture and eating are identical. Both are gluttons, which goes along with the genetic memory of clones, specifically more highlighted this arc with the Seraphim. S Croc as a kid already has a scar and the same clothing as adult Crocodile, but Oda drew Crocodile as a kid with no scar. S Flamingo had sunglasses and the same clothing as adult Doflamingo.

The existence of Bonney is the first stage of Vegapunk’s version of the 21 grams experiment, a clone of Ginny. Her recovering her old and original memories is the final stage. Vegapunk introduced this concept in a chapter titled “The Weight of Memory”. Bonney, Ginny’s clone views Kuma as her dad, not a former partner. She now knows her original self had an infatuation with Kuma, but her childhood as a clone, where she was raised as Kuma’s own daughter coexist. Also, don’t you all think it was weird that in the say she entered the room with Kuma and Ginny’s memories in Egghead she wanted to kill Vegapunk and the day after she is bing chilling with him and even wants to kill Saturn? She found out the truth. This entire flashback is from Bonney’s perspective when she saw the memory bubble and chapter 1097 proved this, because it has parts of the flashback that are exclusively contered on Ginny and Kuma isn’t there.

In the story, it’s the Seraphim and the Germa soldier clones age faster, only needing 5 years to reach biological maturity.

Than there’s the part where Bonnie says she met Vegapunk as a child in Egghead and when she mentions Kuma is from a special race. Notice here she doesn’t say that about herself, nor that she is a hybrid from that race.

Kuma accepted to become a test subject for Vegapunk in exchange for Vegapunk to create a clone for Ginny, so she could see a world where the Sun God appears and a world free of the World Government nefarious influence. He used his powers to remove any genetic memory beyond the shared manneirisms. He also made sure Vegapunk programmed 2 protocols before losing his humanity:

1- To protect the Sunny in Sabaody.

2- To protect Bonnie at all cost when she learned the truth (Kuma’s memory bubble in Egghead).

Bonnie’s real and biological age is 8 years old, since that is when Kuma accepted to become a Pacifista and this time period also refers to when Vivi atended a Reverie and we first heard about the Revolutionary Army, not Freedom Fighters, from King Lucas of the Illisia Kingdom. However because Bonnie is a clone, she achieved maturity when she reached 5 years. This tells you why Kizaru, Saturn and Vegapunk refered to her as a child, since both know when she was created.

In conclusion: Kuma will save Bonney and the Straw Hats at Egghead and he will make his final sacrifice, he will self destruct and destroy Egghead island.

*Theory by Cocabonzao

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