The Reason why Kizaru was nerfed while fighting Luffy


The Reason why Kizaru was nerfed while fighting Luffy

Uncertainty/ doubt/ guilt/ wavering/ hesitancy

All of these things play a major role in making a person significantly weaker in One Piece. It’s a rule well established in One Piece manga but readers overlook it or downplay it as if it’s not that important.

That’s the very first lessons Rayleigh taught Luffy when he was training him.


Gan Fall says basically the same thing.

Garp said the same thing to Kuzan, who was obviously wavering between being “good and bad” and Garp knew it.


But the biggest proof was Water 7/Ennies Lobby.
When Nami learned the truth about Robin after they were easily beaten by CP9.


She confirms that the only reason that they were beaten the first time was because hesitation about Robin made them weak.

But now that they are no longer hesitant, they will beat CP9.

People say Oda asspulled powerlevels in Ennies Lobby because they skipped/ignored this part.
Uncertainty/ doubt/ guilt/ wavering/ hesitancy is a real power in One Piece world that makes a person weaker.

Hesitation made a massive difference from Luffy getting easily beaten by Lucci to Luffy beating Lucci.

Now, let’s look at Kizaru in Egghead.

If these don’t prove that Kizaru was very nerfed while fighting Luffy due to being hesitant/ doubtful/ guilty/ wavering about killing his friends, then you are just being ignorant to manga facts on purpose.

Even Saturn noticed that Kizaru was sluggish.

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