The Reason why the Government hides the truth behind Shanks’ full name


Hey everyone! I want to share some theories I have on the history of Rocks D. Xebec, Shanks, and the Celestial Dragons!

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Theories Summarized

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  1. Rocks was a former slave of Mary Geoise.
  2. Rocks had a love affair with a Celestial Dragon.
  3. Shanks is the child.
  4. The God Valley incident is Rocks trying to get his love back.
  5. Rocks’ love (Shanks’ Mom) is one of the Celestials that died at God Valley.

Facts I’ll use to support theories

  1. Rocks and all events surrounding him have been erased from history.
  2. Rocks has the Will of D.
  3. Shanks has influence with the Gorosei.
  4. Shanks has no full name.
  5. Whitebeard is reminded of a scar from another character in resent at the sight of Shanks.

Why erase Rocks from history?


Rocks was definitely a terrible, powerful, pirate. He caused a lot of destruction in his loss at God Valley. However, I don’t think these reasons alone are enough to wipe him off the history books. We see plenty of times in the manga where the Government rewrite history instead of erase it.

Examples of Government rewriting history instead of erasing it.

  1. Public Execution of Gol D. Roger & Ace.
  2. Public Credit of victories in Alabasta / Dressrosa. (Instead of Luffy getting credit they give it to someone else). There are plenty of times the Government uses victories to promote their power. They execute Roger publicly to show they are the one’s in charge and nobody can stand in their way. They take victories that another pirate achieved and use it for their glory. How come they didn’t do the same with the God Valley incident?

I believe it is because there is a scandal revolving Rocks & the Celestial Dragons that they wanted to erase. But before we talk about the scandal… Let’s talk about Shanks.

The Mystery of Red Hair

Shanks is an amazing character who is shrouded in mystery. There are many things that people debate about him. Is he stronger than Mihawk? How strong is he? What’s his full name? How did he stop a war? How did he approach the Gorosei out of nowhere?

Shanks is a character who seems to have more questions around him than answers, and I believe the mystery behind him will be pivotal in the story of One Piece.

The Facts of Red-Haired Shanks

  • Shanks has influence with the Gorosei.

Shanks was able to walk into the counsel of the Gorosei during the Reverie with ease and was welcomed. Now you can say it’s because of his power as a Yonko that they entertained the visit, however, do you really think the situation would have played out the same if Big Mom, Kaido, or even Whitebeard walked into the counsel of the Gorosei unnanounced? I think that the privilege was not because of his Yonko status but because of his Celestial Dragon lineage.

  • Shanks has no full name.

Why isn’t Shanks’ full name on his bounty poster (manga 957)? It’s because they erased the name of his father from history (Rocks D. Xebec), and they also erased his mother from existence as her affair with someone as lowly as Rocks needed to be erased for many plausible reasons. This in turn leaves Shanks with no family name and thus he is only Shanks or “Red-hair.”

  • Whitebeard is reminded of a scar from another character in resent at the sight of Shanks. (Manga 434?)
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At the time it can be interpreted as him referring to Roger, but as new information unfolded, him and Roger were more friends than foe. I think Whitebeard, betrays Rocks at God Valley and is inflicted by him in the same time, and because Shanks has insane resemblance with his dad (Rocks), this comment refers to Rocks instead of Roger.

  • Shanks is a man of balance

Shanks is the one to end the Marineford war. Shanks is the one to talk to the Gorosei in regards to a certain pirate, presumably to keep balance. What better character to be a picture of balance than the son of chaos (Rocks), and the son of control (Celestial Dragons)?

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