The Relationship and Dynamics of the Five Emperor Crews


From what I’ve seen so far, compared to the other Yonkos, I think Kaido is the least affectionate Yonko towards his crewmates.


Whitebeard wanted a family and treated everyone exactly like his own sons.

Shanks was very selective in choosing people he could trust, and that resulted in small but tight-knit group of friends.


Big Mom is/was a giant child-making factory & has a crew consists of only her family. Yes, she has political reasons to have many kids, but she also has her own moral code to have everyone live a happy life (which should include her children). At least that applies when she’s not in rage mode. :ROFLMAO:


Blackbeard was also very selective in choosing the strongest people to join his crew. But we’ve seen him having fun with them. And he’s surprisingly approachable as a person (remember his interaction with Luffy when they were still nobodies) and also loves to have fun.

Kaido? He just wants to gather strong people to join his crew by any means necessary (torture, slavery, etc), and start the “greatest war the world has ever seen”. Up until now, he never showed any form of emotional attachment towards his crewmates.

Look at Doflamingo for example. When he lost to Luffy, Kaido only cared about the SMILE factory. According to Kaido, Doffy can go to hell for being “weak” in the first place.

Compare that to Whitebeard who was willing to go to war with the World Government to save Ace.

An interesting dynamic from the Flying Six is how they demanded an audience from Kaido rather than just like showed up. Anyway you may argue that we have this Fire Festival thing where Kaido can bond with his crewmates, and his crewmates can casually bond with Kaido. We’ll see about that.

So far, we only know that event exists mostly for political propaganda that Beast Pirates “saved” Wano, and also a way for Orochi to slack off with his allies. Nothing more.

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