The Surprising Return of Gin in Wano arc


As we have seen in the lastest chapter, the Beasts Pirates’ Flying Six have gathered in Onigashima.


Many people have theorized that Gin is part of Kaido’s Flying Six.

I’m going to discuss why I believe Gin will be making a comeback in Wano.

Gin’s Last Words


So in this picture Gin says that he wants to meet again in the Grand Line. Now this may not sound like that big of a deal but the thing is that Oda wouldn’t make Gin say this and then never make them meet ever again. Also, if he was to make Gin die then he would’ve killed him off in front of us, because by now we should all know that no one is dead in the One Piece world unless they die right before our eyes or if they die in a flashback.

Oda Hasn’t Forgotten About Him


I’ve heard quite a few people say that Oda probably forgot about Gin or he doesn’t care enough about him to make him come back, but guess what? In 2015, over 15 years after Gin’s last appearance, Oda told us Gin’s birthday in an SBS in Volume 81.

Beasts Pirates

One of the reasons why I believe it’s very likely for Gin to make a comeback in Wano rather than a future arc is that he seems like a good candidate for the Beasts Pirates. Firstly, there is a theme of card ranks and card games within the Beats Pirates and coincidentally there is a card game called Gin.

Also, it is very much possible that Gin ate an artificial Zoan Devil Fruit to boost his strength and become a part of Kaido’s SMILE army. This would also explain how he survived in the New World.

His Relation to Wano

Gin was actually shown to have quite a few Japanese elements to him. First off, his weapon of choice is a pair of Tonfas tipped with iron balls.

Tonfas are mostly associated with the Okinawan marital arts, which originated from the Okinawa Islands in Japan. Also, the dragon on Gin’s jacket has a similar shape to Kaido and Momonosuke’s dragons.

Dragons in the One Piece world are only associated with Wano, which is further proof that Gin could have some sort of relation with Wano.

His Role in Wano

​I think I may be going too deep into this, but I’ll say it anyways. So I think that he will most likely fight Sanji, because in East Blue he was slightly stronger than Sanji and it would be cool to see them reunited again and see how strong both of them have become since the last time they met. I think that after his fight with Sanji, he might help out the Straw Hats as a way to repay his debt to Sanji from when he fed him in Baratie. That would be really cool and it would show how Sanji’s kindness towards Gin helped the Straw Hats make a strong ally or some shit like that. I’m going to stop now cos I’m just making stuff up at this point lol.

*Theory by LuffyDMonekey

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