The Revolutionary Army at the Reverie?


The Reverie is held every four years at Mariejois, where kings and queens assemble in order to confer about the state of the current world affairs and main global threats.


I think this is a perfect opportunity for Monkey D. Dragon, a mysterious character from the earliest chapters of One Piece, to eventually show himself and declare his objective.

In chapter 803(episode 752), Dragon is seen to be gathering all the leaders, from all over the world, indicating an important event in the near future. What better of an event could there be for Dragon to assemble all the commanders to one place?

Furthermore, let‘s not forget the place the Reverie will be held at – Mariejois, located on top of the Red Line, the home of world nobles, is not a place where a single person can get into, especially in the middle of such a meeting. It will surely be protected by the Navy, and maybe even Cipher-Pol units. For this reason, Dragon needs lots of people to facilitate a way to enter the palace and fight the strongest adversaries.

Revolutionary army’s base Baltigo was reported to be destroyed after Blackbeard was planning to invade it, however, no news on the main members of Revolutionary army were addressed, leading us to believe that either it was lucky for Dragon to get away, or for him to discover the whereabouts of Burgess spying onto him, which seems more likely, considering the scenes Dragon has been present at, have mostly been Baltigo. Consequently, he could have gotten lots of information from Jesus Burgess, regarding Blackbeard’s crew and objectives.


With the One Piece reaching its end, I believe it is time to introduce the last player of the “Throne wars” and present his goals.

Theory by S.


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