Kaido’s Possible Devil Fruit


This isn’t a speculation/theory to be taken too seriously, just something I’ve been thinking about for a bit.

Kaido and Wano are clearly based on Japan, as we all know by now.

Well, Origami is a Japanese thing. It is the art of paper folding.


Hear me out, Kaido is Japanese.
Kaido’s hair looks like paper.
(Yes this theory was born out of me thinking that Kaido’s hair looks like paper.)

I think that Kaido may have the Paper Paper no mi, or something close to that. Yes I know that there has already been a Paper fruit in a game or a movie or something, but that’s not canon, so I’m not counting it.

“Kaido’s epithet, Hyakujū (百獣, Hyakujū?), literally translates to “Hundred Beasts”. However, in Japanese, its meaning is somewhat closer to something along the lines of “all kinds of beasts.” (From the One Piece Wiki)

Kaido’s epithet is “Kaido of all kinds of beasts”.
Kaido could have gotten his epithet because in battle, he creates/created many “origami animals” as weapons. People think that Kaido’s epithet comes from the fact that he has many fake zoans on his crew, but he only begun buying the SMILES from Doflmaingo a couple of years ago, and he has probably had his epithet for some time now, at least I would think so.

Now let’s look at Kaido’s crew and the “Playing Card” motif that people think he may have.
Jack is said to be based on the Jack card, and many think that there might be a “Queen” and a “King” calamity as well.


Also, Ginrummy and Sheepshead, the guys from Jack’s crew that were on Zou, are also named after card games. Going along with this “card” motif, I can see Kaido having the Paper Paper no mi, and I can see him making some cards to use as weapons or something.


Now take a look at Kaido’s design. I already mentioned this, but I think that Kaido’s hair looks a lot like paper, with the rectangular design and everything. Also, Kaido has that rope thing tied around him, and on that rope, he has 2 “Shide” hanging from his ropes. These “Shide” are zigzag shaped Paper streamers that are used in Shinto rituals.

A lot of my reasoning may be pretty weak, I admit, but I like thinking that Kaido doesn’t have a powerful Zoan, and that he has the Paper fruit, and the only reason that he collects the SMILES as fake zoans was because he wanted his origami animals to be real or alive or something.

*Theory by TriceratopsZoan

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