The Straw Hats will invade Mary Geoise to get the last Road Poneglyph


After Wano, I believe the Straw Hats will be viewed as an Emperor Crew. Their next destination will be Elbaf, where they will meet the Red Hair Pirates.


I think one of the smarter members of the crew will make the observation that the other two Yonko had a Road Poneglyphs and ask Shanks if he does he have his own. I think Shanks will say something like I don’t have one but I know where is it. But in order to get it the Straw Hats must prove they’re a better crew than the Red Hair Pirates. That will lead to the popular Davy Back Fight theory.

Some good matchups should come out of this like Shanks vs Luffy or Usopp vs Yasopp. The Straw Hats will eventually defeat the Red Hair Pirates and Shanks will reveal the location of the last Road Poneglyph which is located in the Holy Land Mary Geoise.


It makes sense Shanks would know the location since he is a well connected pirate and even met with the Five Elders and of course sailed with Gol D. Roger.


Here’s when the theory starts.

I think Luffy will make a bold decision to invade Mary Geoise but once again one of the smarter members of the crew will say it’s impossible without an army. This is where Luffy shocks the crew and tells them about his Grand Fleet.

A Great incident Of histroic Proportions.

Invading the Mary Geoise would be an incident of historic proportions. It makes way too much sense that the Tenryūbito would want to protect at least one of the Road Poneglyphs and there’s no better place to protect than Mary Geoise.

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