The Strongest Characters in One Piece Ranked from the Oldest to the Youngest


1-Sengoku, 79 years old


2-Monkey D. Garp, 78 years old

  • Both Sengoku and Garp were four to five years older than Whitebeard during Marineford. Neither seemed particularly slowed down by aging, it’s Whitebeard’s illness that was the problem.

3-Silvers Rayleigh, 78 years old

  • He’s also older than Whitebeard. Born on May 13th while Garp was born on May 2nd.

4-Whitebeard died at 72 years old.


5-Big Mom, 68 years old

6-We do not know the exact age of Shiki the Lion, anyway he should be in the same age bracket.

7-Kaido, 59 years old

8-Kizaru, 58 years old

9-Akainu, 55 years old

10-Monkey D. Dragon, 55 years old

  • Born on October 5th while Akainu was born on August 16th.

11-Fujitora, 54 years old

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