The Symbols on which the 5 Supernovas are modeled


Remember when Hyogoro said Luffy looks like a Wisdom King?


Just looked into it and found out that there are 5 of them in total and I think the 5 Supernovas battling Kaido are modeled after them.

Luffy is the Devourer of Demons – This diety was known to defeat demons while gaining love and respect of others. Mihawk observed this of Luffy during the Marinford Arc. And Luffy has manifested this since the beginning of the story.


Eustass Kid is the Defeater of Death – This one was described as the one who decides whether someone deserves to die or someone deserves to reach enlightenment. This one was tricky but hear me out. When Kid first entered the New World, he met some pirates who were trying to escape to Grand Line. In that scene, he said: “Live or die! Bastards without much resolve shouldn’t have ever come to this ocean!” Juggling the lives of some pirates in his hands. Didn’t think much about this. Might be wrong, might not.


Law is the Dispenser of Heavenly Nectar – The diety that is supposed to be the guardian of celestial immortality. Pretty easy since Law’s devil fruit literally grants him the power to give someone immortality.

Zoro is the Conquerer of Three Planes – When I heard the title I immediately thought of Zoro’s chant when he uses his Santoryu Ogi: Ichidai Sanzen Daisen Sekai. “Over the nine mountains and eight seas and our earthly realm, with the gathering of a thousand moments of each life, and forming three, there is nothing I cannot cut!”

Killer is the Immovable One – Described as having both strength and faithfulness towards gaining enlightenment. Killer might be a dangerous fellow but as we saw when Kid was trying to forge alliance with Apoo and Hawkins, he can be rational and is able to focus on the goal of their crew.

*Theory by Turbo_Rat1997

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