The True Power of Vinsmoke Sanji


This theory is dedicated to Sanji and his fans. I’ll show you how special Sanji is and what kind of hidden power he truly has.
So, here we go. Grab your popcorns everyone and enjoy!

In an early SBS, Oda was questioned about the purpose of Sanji’s defining eyebrows. His response is far more telling than it seems and may just now be nearing its open revelation in the series. As a matter of fact, it may provide a stellar clue to possibility reveal the secret of Sanji’s ability that has stumped One Piece readers since his leg first burst into flames (during the Enies Lobby arc).


From SBS Vol. 7 – Chapter 55:
okusha (reader): “Why does Sanji-san’s eyebrow curl up at the end? Please give a real answer!!”
Oda: “Hey!! You, sit right there!! Now listen!! Everyone lives in circles!! The sun, the moon, and the earth all spin around!! And!! If the earth suddenly stopped spinning!! It would be a disaster, tidal waves everywhere!! Now remember that Sanji’s eyebrow channels that circular energy!! Reflect upon this!! You may go!!”

As the community of theorists clearly knows, Oda left his readers reflecting and speculating for hundreds of chapters. Secrets have surrounded Sanji ever since. Oda only added fuel to the fire (like the famous secret teased in the cover picture for chapter 124 which I will come back to later).

Another popularly discussed cover panel came with chapter 533, where the focus is usually centered on the UFO search Sanji and friend are carrying out (one of at least two star-gazing covers in which Oda has featured him). Probably just as interesting a clue is the chapter’s title, “Level 4: The Inferno Hell”. As we know, Sanji is associated with both an inferno (flames he has shown to be able to produce since fighting Jyabura during the Enies Lobby arc) and with Hell (most notably in association with his diable jambe).


This cover panel provided a clue that led many theorists to claim that Sanji is an alien and maybe even a Celestial Dragon. These were excellent, well supported theories. However, both of these ideas are losing steam due to recent revelations in current chapters.

Nonetheless, Sanji’s connection with space has yet to be completely debunked. When contemplating the reason Oda would choose to have Sanji’s eyebrows swirl clockwise (instead of the common trend of counter-clockwise curling brows with his siblings), I suddenly remembered a fact that seems to connect all of the clues mentioned so far. Most planets in our solar system have a counter-clockwise rotation, but one key planet has a unique clockwise (retrograde) rotation: Venus!


Venus is a virtual Hell. It is the hottest planet in our solar system, even though it isn’t even the closest to the sun. Venus is so hot, even lead metal will melt on its surface. Furthermore, a thick smoke-like atmosphere surrounds the planet. Lastly, Venus is named for the ancient Greek mythological goddess of love. This is a perfect trifecta for our fire-producing, cigarette-smoking, love-cook!

On a side note, Venus even loosely connects to Sanji’s “Secret” suitcase. In 1830, Venus was in conjunction with the sun; also, a famous sculpture of the goddess Venus was made. Oda does like his Easter eggs…

We’ve seen the Vinsmokes involved in cloning, genetic modification, technological enhancements, advanced medicine, etc., so attempting to utilize cosmic “space” powers for one of their princes would befit their obvious science focus. It would also connect to Oda’s statement in the SBS that Sanji’s eyebrows channel the same energy as those in the celestial bodies. However, this could only work if the other siblings fit the pattern.

Each of the main fields of science could have been referenced with the Vinsmoke royals. “Poison Pink” Reiju has already revealed a biology connection with hints of a butterfly/moth ability it may not stop there since she had no problem processing poison from a fish. “Sparkling Red” Ichiji could easily have a chemistry theme utilizing the elements, chemical reactions and even radioactivity. “Electric Blue” Niji clearly has powers stemming from electric/magnetic forces of physics (In case you don’t know, each one of those forces can produce the other.). If these fit, “Winch Green” Yonji’s weird epithet would finally be explained if it connects to an engineering theme with technology/mechanical powers being used.

Furthermore, each of the main fields of science are easily represented by animals and plants that may have been used in the genetic modification of the four “successful” siblings. For example the obvious poisonous/venomous animals, creatures that use chemical warfare like the bombardier beetle, electricity generating knife fish, etc. However, one branch of science “fails” to be represented successfully by any of the known living things: space science. Perhaps Judge attempted to overcome this gap by applying what he learned in his work with the team of scientists that worked alongside Vegapunk.

The technology used to manipulate the Vinsmoke siblings has been revealed as the same for manipulating SMILE (the lineage factor). That possibly connects the swirling pattern on devil fruits to their curling eyebrows. There could also be a connection to another major mysterious force of the One Piece world. Venus shares its retrograde rotation with one other planet: Uranus. The cosmic energy that may fuel Sanji’s “limitless potential” (as Judge Vinsmoke claimed his children possessed in chapter 840) could also be linked to that ultimate power. Could Judge have been dangerously close to unraveling the mysteries of one of the ancient weapons? If so, do the Strawhats now already possess a connection to all three?

How much is Sanji’s bounty right now?

In summary:

1.Oda referenced Sanji’s power being related to cosmic forces.
2.Sanji is the only Vinsmoke with both eyebrows curling counter-clockwise, like the rotation of the planet Venus with which he shares several key characteristics.
3.The Vinsmokes each relate to one of the major fields of science.
4.Judge Vinsmoke may have modified his children using advancements learned while working with Vegapunk (and team).
5.Although Judge thinks he failed to infuse Sanji with cosmic powers via the lineage factor, he may have unwittingly tapped the power of the ancient weapon Uranus.

*Theory by WiseMofo69

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