The Underestimation of “the Strongest Man in the World”


The underestimation/downplay of old sick Whitebeard is seriously getting annoying. Yes, he was sick and old, but he still held the title of World’s Strongest Man, and according to Sengoku, he had the power to destroy the world.


The “Vivre Card Vol.4” confirmed that Whitebeard attained the title of World’s Strongest Man well before the Great Age of Pirates, so he had his title even in his era with Roger.

They were said to have fought numerous times and nobody was said to be superior. The title of Pirate King only meant that Roger was the person with the most freedom in the sea, his title is not connected to his power level. Big Mom was active and a major player during that time, but even she was overshadowed by Roger and Whitebeard.


Shanks, Kaido and Big Mom have shown to have major respect for Whitebeard, Shanks admitted it himself, Kaido has a crocodile relationship to him and Big Mom even held him in an higher regard then the other Yonkos. With the help of the giants she would’ve managed do defeat Shanks, Kaido and EVEN Whitebeard.


Shanks was stated to be equal to Whitebeard, note that it was the current old Whitebeard, not the one in his prime. Whitebeard could’ve become the Pirate King, nobody stood in his way after Roger’s death, but he wasn’t interested.

Whitebeard’s feats during the encounter with Shanks also portrayed them as equals and I still think that Big Mom and Kaido have shown nothing which puts them above old sick Whitebeard in Marineford.

Old sick Whitebeard stood on equal terms with Shanks, Kaido and Big Mom. Prime Whitebeard would’ve demolished Akainu and Kaido in an 1v1.

*Theory by lel65

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