The Wedding Cake and the Three Sacrifices


I would like to talk about the wedding cake that we saw a few chapters ago, and in just to let you know there are three skull heads on the cake. So, the three skull heads is something that someone sacrifice themselves to the death.


Remember the song from Chapter 827

In the middle of the song, the choir said “It will be sweet day with a perfectly devilish sacrifice” meaning that there are three sacrifices in this arc so three people will die as a sacrifice.

The first person was Pedro



Here’s the thing, Pedro didn’t tell Luffy that his lifespan was taken by Big Mom because it will be difficult to get it back. Also, he was going not to get Sanji back but to get the Poneglyphs from Big Mom. Therefore, he knew that was his last journey here in this arc, so in chapter 877, Pedro made a big sacrifice to save the Straw Hats from being killed by Big Mom and also Jinbe said in chapter 879 that was Pedro’s victory. That was the first death.

The second person was Pound


Here’s the next thing, Pound wanted to see his two daughters again and wanted to congratulate Chiffon who married Capone. In chapter 887, as Chiffon was endangered by Oven, Pound wanted to save her by punching Oven(Sanji kicked him) to help him, after that moment as Oven heats up the sea with his heat heat fruit, Pound made a big sacrifice to help Chiffon and the others escape, just as he tying his tie and smiled at Pez, and Oven about to slice him, Pound was glad to see his daughter again. Then Oven slice him from behind, making the second sacrifice. That was the second death.

Who’s the third person to sacrifice: Judge or Pudding?

Judge: Why? Because after what he did over the past years ago, it’s possible that he will make a sacrifice to save his siblings from the Charlotte Family.

Pudding: Why? Because she wants to make sure to help Sanji and his friends get out safely. So, it’s possible that she’ll make a sacrifice to stop her family.

What do you guys think?

*Theory by Awaken Fruit

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