There Are Many Foreshadowings in Oda’s New Color Spread!


Recently it was revealed the third and final One Piece Global Character Popularity Poll Top 50 Illustration by Oda:


Here’s the complete color spread:

There are some neat little details in there that I thought I’d point out.

Among the original Shichibukai: Kuma, Hancock and Mihawk are facing away from the Straw Hats – showing that out of the bunch those three consider the Straw Hats more of allies/friends than adversaries.


Eustass Kid having two metal arms & Hawkins having his right arm be made of straw might foreshadow the end of the Killer/Hawkins fight.


Each of the Four Emperors’ portraits in the corners are crucial. Big Mom and Kaido are on one side, Shanks and Blackbeard on the other – a reflection of how Big Mom/Kaido are intertwined and Shanks/Blackbeard are intertwined. Not only that, each Emperor is pictured next to people important to their respective stories so far. Except for Shanks, who is pictured next to all the Marines. Is this foreshadowing his role in how the finale shapes up? Does he consider Blackbeard so dangerous that he approaches the Marines for help? Also important to note that Aokiji is clearly depicted with the Marines, instead of with Blackbeard himself.

Finally, dead center above Luffy we have Gol D. Roger’s face. On one side is Enel, on the other side is a cloud shaped like the wing of a sky person (that even flows into Urouge’s wings). Where Roger’s mouth should be is Robin also sporting wings. Robin’s role in the crew is to translate the Poneglyphs, essentially speaking to Luffy what Roger couldn’t. That plus the Enel/wing imagery surrounding them makes me think that the theory regarding Skypiea/Enel and Robin’s role all being crucial to the endgame of deciphering what the One Piece truly is.

*by zyax21

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