Top 10 Best Captain-First Mate Duo




Bellamy the Hyena is the former captain of the Bellamy Pirates.
Like their captain, the Bellamy Pirates were attempting to usher in a “New Age” wherein pirates wouldn’t have to search for dream treasures like the One Piece and could instead focus on the treasures present all around them, hoarding them from weaker pirates. As a captain, Bellamy was looking for strong pirates to join his cause. All of his crew members admired him and called him a big-time rookie.
The first mate Sarkies was proud of his captain and confident in his abilities. Even after Bellamy’s defeat, Sarkies still believed Luffy’s victory was by sheer luck, stubbornly refusing to accept that someone could be stronger than his captain.


Sai is a member of the Chinjao Family and the 13th leader of the Happo Navy. His brother Boo is the vice-leader of the Happo Navy.
Sai is very attached to his brother, which was seen when Boo was defeated by the Funk Brothers. Because of his Hasshoken training, Sai is not supposed to have a deep attachment to Boo when in battle to prevent him from getting distracted but does have enough pride to avenge any of his fallen comrades, including his brother. Boo also acts as a guide for Sai similar to the relationship between Sai and Chinjao as Boo had to hold back his brother from attacking Luffy.



The Black Cat Pirates is an East Blue pirate crew formerly headed by Kuro.
Kuro had come to the conclusion his crew were nothing but puppets; that pirates were barbarians that stole from people out of greed and nothing more, and that they were buffoons who were nothing without his guidance and direction, and that his skill is wasted helping them to plot. He would willingly sacrifice them all and by the time his plan was ready he had already long decided they should all die. This was proven to be true, as Kuro killed and injured many of his crew members.
Originally, Jango, the former first mate and hypnotist of the crew, was loyal to his captain Kuro, as Jango was willing to take over captaincy of the crew, and return three years to instigate the plan, despite seemingly knowing of his captain’s darker personality. Kuro on the other hand viewed Jango simply as a buffoon like the rest of his crew and thought that he needed to die to preserve the secrecy of his agenda.



Buggy the Star Clown is the captain of the Buggy Pirates. Their current goal is finding Captain John’s legendary treasure.
Mohji the Beast Tamer is the first mate of the Buggy Pirates. He is a pet tamer, usually accompanied by his pet lion Richie. Due to his actions, he can be considered the secondary antagonist of the Orange Town Arc, and a minor antagonist in the Loguetown Arc.


Jinbe is the former captain of the Sun Pirates.
His dream is to fulfull his former captain Fisher Tiger’s dying wish of coexistence and equality between humans and fishman and continues to live his life in the hopes of seeing that dream’s completion.
Aladine became one of Jinbe’s closest friends after becoming the second captain of the Sun Pirates. Like Jinbe, he also understood Fisher Tiger’s will. He is also understanding of Jinbe’s reasons for not stopping Arlong. One of the reasons why Jinbe joined the Shichibukai was to allow Aladine, along with other members of the Sun Pirates who choose to, to return to Fishman Island as a government pardon. In return, Jinbe seems to greatly respect Aladine as he would make him his vice captain at some point in their travels.
In the Whole Cake Island Arc, Aladine and the rest of the Sun Pirates completely supported Jinbe’s decision to join the Straw Hat Pirates as it is clearly something he wants to do.

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