Top 10 Most Underrated Devil Fruits in One Piece




Bara Bara no Mi’s major strength, as demonstrated by Buggy, is that the user becomes permanently immune to damage from being cut or pierced, regardless in what manner, be it vertical, horizontal, or otherwise. Instead of being wounded or even killed from such attacks, the user’s body simply becomes sliced into pieces. In this state, the user is still alive and can control his sliced up body, even if the slash is imbued in Haki, the user gonna just be separated and can reunite it’s parts afterwards, that way no matters if it’s an normal slash or an haki slash, it’s useless against this fruits user. They can then manipulate the sliced up pieces to either reattach themselves back together or execute unique attacks. In the anime, Buggy has even demonstrated being able to re-constitute himself in a Logia-like manner after literally getting reduced to fine strips by Dracule Mihawk!
As part of the Devil Fruit’s powers, the user can split their body apart by themselves without the need of being chopped up by others in the first place. This is a convenient ability during battles, since it allows the user to attack through enemy blocking attempts or avoid any incoming moves as long as they see it coming.


The major strength of the Noro Noro no Mi, as demonstrated by Foxy, is that it gives its user the ability to generate and emit beams of Noroma Photons which they can use to slow down anything for thirty seconds. In that amount of time, the user can do anything to the slowed down object. When a person is hit by these beams and receives any number of strikes while in the slowed down state, the kinetic force of the strikes to them is released all at once when they return to their normal speed, making the attacks more damaging.
It’s such an insane power that in the hands of anyone more qualified, it would likely put them at the top of the One Piece World.



The fruit’s major strength, as demonstrated by Nico Robin, is the ability to sprout multiple body parts on any surface, including the user’s own body, without damaging so and then manipulate said body parts remotely, as if they were an extension of the user’s own original limbs. Since the user is practically the only one who knows where their limbs will sprout out, they almost always have the element of surprise on their side, which, coupled with the fruit’s long range and almost instantaneous speed of limb sprouting, turns Robin into a massive threat during combat situations, enough that enemies may find themselves in an extremely compromising position if they don’t possess enough strength or an ability that lets them somehow counter or escape from her myriad of summoned limbs.
After the timeskip, Robin’s duplication ability has grown to the point of being able to sprout up to one thousand body parts at once, melding them into gigantic limbs. She has also developed the ability to create a full-body clone of herself.
I believe that with the power of her Devil Fruit, Nico Robin has the potential to be one the strongest characters in the series. Can you just imagine Zoro with the power of Hana Hana no Mi? He would be unstoppable!



The major strength of the Mero Mero no Mi, as demonstrated by Boa Hancock, is that the user is able to transform those who lust or love after the user into stone in varying degrees by using their “dirty thoughts”. Victims that have been completely turned to stone are incapable of consciousness and susceptible to physical damage unless the user de-petrifies them. Petrification can also be achieved through physically striking an opponent, although the only area that is turned to stone is the contacted area, as opposed to the entire body. The power also extends to nonliving objects, including Pacifistas.
Hancock’s devil fruit is, without a doubt, a powerful and underrated one.


The fruit’s bestowed ability is the conjuration of physical barriers—either invisible or visibly transparent, resembling panes of glass—which is done by the user’s crossing their fingers. This protects the user from attacks from either front or back. The barriers have immense defensive power, able to defend against even a fish-man’s punch that can shatter 4000 tiles, which injured said fish-man’s hand in return. It also successfully defended against Hakuba’s attacks and the shockwave produced from Elizabello II’s King punch, which could destroy an entire fortress.
Kurozumi Semimaru demonstrated that the barrier can also withstand an extremely powerful slash from Kozuki Oden, whose swordsmanship could cut the gigantic Mountain God in half and even damage the near-invincible Kaido!
Furthermore, the shield can also be used for offensive purposes by launching it forward to create powerful forces to strike the targets.

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