Top 10 Off-Screen Fights In One Piece


It’s a recurring theme that some fights happen off screen. Sometimes this happens to prevent us, the viewer, from knowing a certain character strength (that we will get to know later on), while other times it serves no other propose than to move foward with the story.


Here’s my Top 10 Off-Screen Fights In One Piece:

10-Shanks vs Blackbeard

Although exact events are unknown, Shanks previously admitted to Whitebeard that his facial scar came from a direct attack from Teach.

Red Hair Pirates vs Kid Pirates


No direct interaction has been shown between Shanks and Eustass Kid. Sometime during the two-year timeskip, as Kid got very involved in many conflicts, he lost his left forearm in battle against the Red Hair Pirates.

9-Kaido vs Gekko Moriah


Kaido once had a rivalry with the former Shichibukai Gekko Moriah. The two of them fought in the New World, and eventually Kaido won after slaughtering Moriah’s entire crew. This had an adverse effect on Moriah’s consciousness of subordinates and led him to seek revenge against Kaido by building an army of undead soldiers.

8-Kaido vs Eustass Kid, Scratchmen Apoo and Basil Hawkins

After Law and Luffy’s victory over Doflamingo, Kid Hawkins and Apoo were relieved that the two were not going after the same Yonko they were targeting.
Suddenly, Kaido landed on their base and the three found themselves face-to-face with him. After their encounter, Kaido badly defeated Eustass Kid and placed him in a cell, while Scratchmen Apoo and Basil Hawkins became his subordinates.

The Immortal Ruler of the World Government

Is Aokiji related by blood to Brook?