Top 10 Sexiest Females in One Piece




Alvida is the captain of the Alvida Pirates and the first antagonist encountered by Luffy in the anime present timeline.
Originally, Alvida was a tall and very obese woman with long wavy black hair, and freckles on her cheeks.
By eating a Devil Fruit, Alvida has transformed by shedding the excess weight from her body. The Sube Sube no Mi makes Alvida very slippery and, aside from the cowboy hat she wears, Alvida looks totally different from her original form, being slim, well-endowed, with dark-green eyes (before is brown), while maintaining her original hair.
Most people that see her actually fall in love with her (as seen in Loguetown, even women), similar to Boa Hancock.


Vinsmoke Reiju, also known as “Poison Pink”, is the eldest child and only daughter of the Vinsmoke Family. She is a princess of the Germa Kingdom and a commander in its military arm, Germa 66.
Reiju is a slim young woman with shoulder-length light pink hair (darker pink in the anime), covering her right eye and curling upwards at the tips. She also has purple eyes (blue in the anime), and occasionally wears light pink lipstick. Like all the Vinsmoke siblings, she has distinctive curly eyebrows that form a spiral resembling the number “6”. However, unlike her brothers Sanji and Yonji, her eyebrows appear to swirl symmetrically in opposing directions.


Baby 5 is the alias of a member of the Happo Navy who is married to Sai, the Happo Navy’s 13th leader. She is a former servant and assassin of the Donquixote Pirates serving as an officer in the Pica Army.
Baby 5 is a young woman of above average height. She has a slim but curvaceous well-endowed figure. She wears lipstick, a burgundy French maid outfit with white frills, matching high heel shoes, and various tan belts for carrying weapons. She has long black hair, which she wears slightly curled and adorned with a white lace headband.



Rebecca is the former crown princess of Dressrosa, who forfeited her title to live with her father and currently serves as a lady-in-waiting to the royal family. She is the granddaughter of Riku Dold III, the daughter of Scarlett and Kyros, and the niece of Viola.
Rebecca is a fair-skinned, thin, and curvy teenager who is slightly shorter than Luffy. She has long, light pink hair, which she wears in a braid.
As a gladiator, she wore a yellow scale armor bikini, with a turquoise paludamentum, as well as a ridge helmet, a pair of greaves and gloves, a high-heeled armor, and a necklace. She is considered extremely attractive and beautiful by the other gladiators.


Kalifa was the only female member of CP9, until she was dismissed from the unit by Spandam, who lied and blamed the team for the failure in Enies Lobby along with her colleagues.
Kalifa is a slim, pretty woman with blue eyes and glasses. Her strawberry-blonde hair was about shoulder-length when she first infiltrated Water 7, and she grew it out over the years she spent undercover there.
Her three measurements are (according to Vivre Card – One Piece Visual Dictionary): B93-W61-H92, making her breasts a G-cup in Japan.
She has small studded earrings and usually wears outfits that reveals her legs and cleavage, much like Nami.


Nico Robin is the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates. She is currently the only person in world with the ability to read and decipher Poneglyphs, a skill which is considered forbidden and threatening to the World Government.
After the timeskip, Robin’s black hair has grown longer, down to her lower back and is pulled back, revealing more of her forehead and ears. Her breasts have also grown much larger and rounder, like Nami’s, but apart from this her appearance has not changed much, save for the fact that both her body curves and hourglass figure have become more pronounced. Robin’s skin tone seemed to lighten with color (possibly due to the time spending training indoors). Unlike the other members, Robin did not grow taller. She remains at 188 cm.
Her measurements are B100-W60-H90, making her breasts a J-cup in Japan.

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