Top 10 Strongest Kick Fighters in One Piece




“Pirate Empress” Boa Hancock is the captain of the Kuja Pirates and the only female member of the Shichibukai.
Noted as the the strongest warrior of the infamous Kuja Tribe, Hancock has immense physical strength. She could perform extraordinarily powerful kicks of super-human strength that can easily break stone (in the form of petrified opponents) as well as take down numerous powerful Marine officers and New World pirates with incredible ease, and she could knock away Smoker an extremely strong and powerful Marine with a single Haki enhanced kick. Her strength is supplemented with tremendous speed and agility, able to land an extremely fast barrage of powerful kicks on numerous Marines and New World pirates at once.
Her kicks supplemented with her Devil Fruit powers allowed Hancock to destroy several Pacifistas at once single-handedly.


Under Zeff’s strict tulage Sanji became a extremely powerful master of a kick based martial art named the “Black Leg Style” which is a unique combination of Brazilian Capoeira, French Savate and Korean Taekwondo, able to use powerful kicks with supreme versatility.
In the Enies Lobby Arc, Sanji reveals a new ability – Diable Jambe, the power to heat his lower legs to a temperature so high that they glow bright red, by spinning rapidly in place, which causes his attack to be more powerful. The heat of his attacks is so high that contact for even a second could set a person ablaze. Diable Jambe has improved to the point that his entire leg is now enveloped in large flames.
Sanji can harden his legs with Busoshoku Haki. He didn’t actively display this ability until his fight with his father, when (much to Judge’s surprise) he hardened his right leg in order to block one of his father’s spear attacks. Sanji’s usage of Busoshoku: Koka to harden his leg can be seen as somewhat fitting as it goes along well with his epithet, “Black Leg”.
Due to his tremendous mastery of the Black Leg style, knocked down Page One, an Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit user and one of the strongest Shinuchi. When donning his Raid Suit, Sanji could match a kick from All Star King with his own leg.
As we have recently seen, with Rotisserie Strike Sanji is able to deliver a flaming kick that causes the opponent to spin rapidly before slamming into their surroundings. This was first used against Queen in his Brachiosaurus form, causing his long neck to spin and deflect Perospero’s candy arrows. The attack was strong enough to shatter Queen’s prostethic needle-like fangs. And Sanji wasn’t even using his suit!



King the Wildfire is an All-Star of the Beasts Pirates, Kaido’s three closest confidants known as the Disasters. He is part of a yet-to-be-identified race that is currently thought to be extinct.
Befitting his epithet of “the Wildfire”, King can generate fire in his humanoid and pteranodon forms; whether this is a passive attribute of his or something he can actively control remains to be seen.
He can use this fire in combat as seen when he kicked the Queen Mama Chanter off the waterfall.
King possesses tremendous physical strength, as shown when he easily hurled Shinobu with significant force after grabbing her by the head, repressed a Raid Suit-donning Sanji by grabbing his neck one-handed, and blocked a powerful kick from the latter using his own leg.
King is supposedly the strongest Disaster of the Beasts Pirates.



Marco the Phoenix is the former 1st division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates.
Marco is a very strong individual, as he demonstrated in the war that he was on a similar level of fighting as the three Admirals. Marco possesses impressive physical strength. With his physical power supplemented by his Devil Fruit, he was fully capable of fighting Admirals Kizaru, Aokiji, and Akainu while holding his own.
Marco’s fighting style seems to be primarily based on using kicking techniques, as he kicked both Kizaru and Aokiji away at great distances. He usually switches back to his human form to deliver his kicks, but can also enhance them with the cutting power granted by his hybrid form’s talons, as seen when he attacked Akainu after the latter delivered the fatal blow to Ace.
Marco easily toppled the Queen Mama Chanter, a gigantic ship, above the Wano waterfall entry in a single blow and was later seen clashing head-on against Big Mom while the woman was wielding Prometheus, seemingly matching up to her strength in the process despite the woman’s monstrous brawn.
To King the Wildfire and Queen the Plague, Marco was able to repeatedly strike powerful melee blows, his phoenix-legged kicks making the Beasts Pirates’ All-Stars bleed and sending them flying with great force.


As a Marine admiral, Kizaru is one of the strongest fighters within the World Government and Marines.
He possesses immense physical strength, capable of holding down Whitebeard’s massive bisento with just one foot.
He traded equal blows with an elder (yet still extremely powerful) Rayleigh and engaged Whitebeard himself face-to-face (whose bodily might, even in his old age, vastly exceeded a giant’s).
Kizaru is extremely proficient in kicking, which is enhanced by his Logia powers, allowing him to kick foes such as Hawkins and Luffy with devastating power. He could send Urouge crashing through buildings with a single light enhanced kick.
He is capable of moving and attacking at the speed of light, and all of his attacks are based on the element of light, such as firing energy blasts from his fingertips or feet with extreme accuracy and precision. His power is very destructive, causing huge explosions and can easily destroy buildings. He also has the ability to reflect himself, essentially moving from one location to the next at the speed of light. Due to this fruit’s power, Kizaru is possibly the fastest man in the world.
While most of Kizaru’s feats pertaining to speed derive from his ability to transform into light, the admiral’s coordination of his lightspeed movements (from his kicks to traveling from place to place) with nonchalance yet unerring precision suggests a high level of natural perception and reflex speed. The same applies to the strength observed from most of Kizaru’s physical (kicking) attacks that come drastically enhanced in their weight and force by the admiral’s power to move as light, making the natural strength of his kicks difficult to gauge.

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