Top 15 Smartest Characters in One Piece


Originally I was going to try to make a top 10 list but I encountered the problem of some characters being smarter than others when it comes to certain fields. For example; Robin vs Franky. How would you rank these two in terms of intelligence? The thing is, when it comes to technologically speaking, Franky is far superior.


He made the blueprints for the Sunny, he turned himself into a cyborg while on the verge of death, and he made the Franky Shogun. Purely technologically wise, he’s probably the 2nd-4th smartest man in the world. But when it comes to rational thinking or history, Robin certainly has him beat.

She’s definitely the best rational thinker on the Straw Hat Crew, she’s the only Oharan left (meaning the only one capable of reading the Poneglyphs), and she’s incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the world of One Piece as a whole. So as you can see, ranking these two in terms of intelligence could become rather complicated, and that was the problem of the list overall. So I decided to just create a few separate lists for the different categories of intelligence; Technological, Medical, and Rational/Strategical.


1 – Dr. Vegapunk


Undoubtedly the smartest man in the world. He’s been stated to be the smartest man several times and it was stated that the thoughts going through his head are 500 years ahead of the present. He figured out how to give objects Devil Fruits, he created the Pacifista (and gave them Kizaru’s lasers), he created artificial dragons, he discovered the uses of Sea Stone, and he helped discover the lineage factor.

2 – Vinsmoke Judge


Judge’s field of expertise is genetics. Judge worked with Vegapunk over 20 years ago and together they were able to discover the lineage factor, Judge created cloning technology so great that even the Yonko Big Mom wants it for herself, and Judge was so skilled with genetics that he was able to genetically modify his own children; giving them exoskeletons that made them bulletproof, combustion/light powers(?), electricity powers, a metal arm or something(?), poison consumption and nullification, and superhuman strength and speed.

3 – Caesar Clown

Another great scientist who worked with Vegapunk. His field of expertise is chemical weapons. He was able to temporarily turn children into giants, he made weapons potent enough to nearly destroy the Minks, he created Smiley, figured out how to abuse Devil Fruit reincarnation, he’s capable of making weapons so devastating that Bege recruited him to take down Big Mom, and he made SAD.

4 – Queen the Plague

Queen is an extremely talented scientist, inventor, and mechanic who specializes in the creation of biological weaponry. Queen is skilled at developing brutal torture methods to break the spirits of the Beasts Pirates’ enemies and get them to reveal information, an ability of which he is very proud.
Queen is notable for having been formerly part of MADS, a rogue research team involved in several scientific discoveries and development of weapons.

5 – Franky

Franky is a technological genius, and although he may not be as good at genetics or chemicals as Judge and Caesar are, when it comes to robotics and engineering, he’s second only to Vegapunk in my opinion. As I stated earlier, he built the Sunny, he built his only cyborg body, and he built the Franky Shogun.

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