TOP 20 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in One Piece


#20-How did Big Mom get the devil fruit power of Mother Carmel? What’s the secret behind Kaido’s immortality? What’s the lifetime debt that Kaido owe to Big Mom?


#19-Who is Vegapunk? What is SSG?

Dr. Vegapunk is the leading scientist in the employment of the Marines. His work includes discovering the secrets and uses of seastone, the secrets of how Devil Fruit powers work, the co-discovery of the Lineage Factor and its applications, and various other scientific achievements that are said to be at least 500 years ahead of current technology. He has yet to make a personal appearance in the storyline.
As recently revealed, the Marine science unit are working on a project known as The Special Science Group – SSG that is intended to replace the Shichibukai system as part of the Three Great Powers. The project is obviously led by Vegapunk.

#18-Who is Im? What role does Im play in the plot? What light did he decide to eliminate?


Im is an extremely high-ranking individual in the World Government and the actual holder of the Empty Throne to whom even the Five Elders bow down. However, Im’s existence is a secret to the rest of the world. The full scope of Im’s abilities are still unknown. It seems Im has developed a particular interest in Monkey D. Luffy, Marshall D. Teach, Shirahoshi, and Nefertari Vivi. Im keeps wanted posters or photos of all four on their person. Luffy and Blackbeard’s posters are cut apart and Shirahoshi’s picture has a dagger pinning it to the ground. Vivi’s picture is the only one not shown to be damaged.

#17-How powerful are the Gorosei?


The Five Elders are the heads of the World Government, and as such, they essentially rule the entire world, with the only individual of higher authority they answer to being the mysterious Im who sits upon the Empty Throne. They are the five men who rule above the Marines, Cipher Pol, and the ones who made a pact with the Shichibukai. So far, none of their names have been revealed.
What is Shanks’ goal? What are these relations with the World Government? What pirate did he want to talk to Gorosei?

#16-What’s the relationship between Shanks and the Gorosei?

Despite his status as a notorious pirate, Shanks was permitted to meet with the Five Elders at Mary Geoise during the Reverie. The Five Elders even allowed him to speak with them in private so he could talk to them about a certain pirate.

#15-What’s the meaning of new straw hat in One Piece?

Deep within Mary Geoise, Im opens the door to a freezing vault. Stepping inside, the vault is revealed to contain a single object: a massive straw hat the size of the figure.

#14-What’s Dragon’s Ability?

He is the infamous Revolutionary leader who has been attempting to overthrow the World Government. He is the World Government’s greatest enemy and is the most dangerous and most wanted man in the world.
Why did Dragon start a Revolution against the World Government? What is his plan, what power does he possess?

#13-How do Devil Fruits work? Where do they come from? Why do they prevent the user from swimming?

#12-How did Blackbeard acquire multiple devil powers? Why does Marco say his body is different?

#11-Who is “Joy Boy”?

“Joy Boy” was a man from the surface world who played an important role in the history of Fishman Island. He was first mentioned on the Ryugu Poneglyph read by Nico Robin while at the Sea Forest

#10-Florian Triangle

The Florian Triangle, (literally translated as Zone of Demonic Triangle) is a stretch of sea that one has to cross over when heading from Water 7 to Fishman Island. It is covered in a fog so thick that it blocks out all sunlight. According to Kokoro, many pirate and commercial ships mysteriously go missing every year and, sometimes, a ship will be found sailing without any people aboard. It has also been said that there are many haunted ships with dead bodies sailing across the sea.

#9-All Blue

The All Blue is a mystical sea of legend, rumored to be the only place in the world where the North, South, East, and West seas meet. In this legendary ocean, it is said that there are fish from each of the four seas, and to have such a resource at one’s disposal is the ultimate dream of every chef. Sanji strives to find this ocean of dreams. It is said that All Blue is found in the Grand Line.

#8-Who’s Luffy’s mom and is she alive?

#7-Where and what is Uranus? Where are the parts of Pluton? What is Pluton? What do the Ancient Weapons look like and what do they do? What is the connection between the Ancient Weapons and the Void Century?

#6-What happened during the Void Century?

The Void Century is a century-long gap in recorded and archaeological history, the study of which is forbidden by the World Government. These events occurred 800 to 900 years before the current storyline. It was hinted at during the Skypiea arc; the dates were seen in Robin’s flashback.

#5-What’s the Secret Treasure of Mary Geoise? What’s the deal with the Ope Ope no Mi Perpetual Youth Surgery mentioned by Doflamingo?

#4-Voice of all Things

The voice of all things is mysterious and still unspecified phenomenon in the world of One Piece. It was first mentioned by Silvers Rayleigh when he revealed that Gol D. Roger had the ability to hear it. It is said that also Kozuki Oden had this ability. Princess Shiraoshi, Momonosuke and Monkey D. Luffy have this ability too.

#3-What does “The Will of D” means?

In the series, a number of characters have the middle initial “D.”. This mysterious middle initial has been called the “Will of D” or “D’s will” by several characters in One Piece. What does D. mean? Who were the D., the supposed enemies of the Gods? Is there a connection between their smile and Laugh Tale? 

#2-What is and where is the island of Laugh Tale? Who owns the last Road Poneglyph?

Laugh Tale is the island at the end of the New World which supposedly holds the treasure One Piece.
As we know the combined locations detailed by all four Road Poneglyphs, allows one to locate Raftel. The first Road Poneglyph is on Zou inside the Whale tree. The Second Road Poneglyph is currently within the possession of Charlotte Linlin. A copy of it is currently in the Straw Hat Pirates’ possession. The third Road Poneglyph is currently within the possession of Kaido. The last Road Poneglyph is currently considered lost.


One Piece is a legendary treasure said to be of unimaginable value.
It is said that it was hidden somewhere deep in the Grand Line, presumably in the last island, Laugh Tale, by its deceased owner, the Pirate King Gol D. Roger.
So what do you think is “One Piece”?

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