Vegapunk’s Final Words Explained!


I want to add a few details about how Vegapunk’s final sentence is phrased in japanese. Here’s the sentence.

“D.”の名を持つ者達へ…お前さん達の中に… も…

“D.” no na wo motsu mono tachi he… omaesan tachi no naka ni… mo…

To those who bare the name “D.”, among you there is… “mo”…

The も (mo) could be the particle meaning also, but I find it very unlikely. In japanese, particles are always attached to the noun or nominal group it’s related to. For example Luffy’s famous sentence “kaizoku ou ni, ore wa naru” has two particles, “ni” and “wa”. When Luffy pauses, he usually does it in two places, after the ni and after the wa, so “kaizoku ou ni (pause)… ore wa (pause)… naru” he could never say “kaizoku ou… (pause) ni ore… (pause) wa naru”, it just doesn’t work. In Vegapunk’s sentence if the も (mo) was a particle it would be connected to other particle, に (ni) and there wouldn’t be a pause before or between the two.

I think the most likely option is for “mo” to just be the first syllable of the next word and it was abruptly cut.

Another thing to be aware of is that in japanese there are basically two syllabaries hiragana and katakana. Broadly speaking, the hiragana are used for japanese words while katakana are used for any word that is foreign, so from english, french, spanish or anything that is not actually japanese (or sometimes chinese) really. Here, the mo character is written in hiragana (も) and not in katakana (モ), which makes it more likely to be an actual japanese word than a word like “Monkey”, “monster”, “mole” and other english words that have been theorized since the leaks came out.

My personal theory is that this is how Vegapunk’s sentence was supposed to be:

“D.”の名を持つ者達へ…お前さん達の中に… もう一人のジョイボーイがいる!

“D.” no na wo motsu mono tachi he… omaesan tachi no naka ni… mou hitori no Joy Boy ga iru!

To those who bare the name “D.”… Among you there is… another Joy Boy!

By another I mean a different Joy Boy than the one who lived in the void century, the “mo” being the beginning of the words “mou hitori” meaning “one more person”. But again, that’s my personal take it doesn’t have to be that.

*Theory by LightningBuds

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