Wano Arc foreshadows the entire story of the Void Century!


I just read a theory about the big straw hat in Mary Geoise and how every hole in the wall could represent a grave of Joy Boy through centuries.


That got me thinking about Wano. What if the story of Wano and Kaido, a long winter, the Dawn and the prophecy of Toki is kind of parallel to the Void Century?

There was an Ancient Kingdom confronted with total destruction, but there was a prophecy even in darkest time about a person that would bring the Dawn, Joy Boy. First Joy Boy that left Poneglyph in Fish-Man Island didn’t succeed in doing what needs to be done for World Government to be stopped. So the World is waiting that person. The reason why every Joy Boy through centuries could not done it is because Celestial Dragons and Im-sama know about the prophecy as well and actively fight to stop it from happening. And the way that they succeed in stopping Joy Boy is by “great cleansing”, by removing key figures that could bring the Dawn.


So firstly we have Joy Boy, but for someone to be Joy Boy needs to fulfill certain criteria. Then we have the Ancient Weapons, that also needs to be there at the same time as Joy Boy, and also we have Wano. I think Wano also is one of the conditions for it to be success and or course we have Will of D. which is kind of wildcard in this prophecy and the only thing that Celestial Dragons can’t fully predict and that can always turn the tide against them.


With knowledge about this prophecy the World Government was formed and they destroyed every clue about it, they destroyed history books and every mention about the Ancient Kingdom and the prophecy, but as countermeasure the Ancient Kingdom succeeded in making Poneglyphs and left informations and clues about the Void Century and the Ancient Weapons and also there is Laugh Tale, another place that have the informations or tools to help bring the Dawn.

When the Roger Pirates came to Laugh Tale and learned about the “True History” and everything they laughed because they were able to come there before they are supposed to, before conditions are met, but even knowing all that they could not done what is needed to stop the World Government. Anyway they learned about the prophecy and that one day, a person that will become Joy Boy, will come and with centuries on their shoulders they will come to Laugh Tale, learn about Void Century and they will be able to bring the Dawn to the world and they will be people that will free the World. Roger Pirates conclusion was to wait for Joy Boy.

Many people hate the idea about prophecy and chosen one. But in this theory Joy Boy could be anyone, and the prophecy could be fulfilled by anyone if they are able to meet all the conditions.

The Rocks Pirates could be the one that tried to take down the World Government by sheer strength and they failed. Rayleigh said that when the Straw Hats come to Laugh Tale and learn about Void Century they will have different conclusion. Maybe Luffy succeeds in bringing the Dawn outside of the prophecy, maybe they will find fine line between what Rocks have done and possibly what Blackbeard is doing and what Joy Boy is supposed to do.

*Theory by Withedonlincoln

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