Was Oden a Yonko Level Character?


Whitebeard Pirates who appeared in chapter 963 are Edward Newgate, Marco, Jozu, Vista, Rakuyo, Kingdew, Atmos, Fossa, Epoida, Whitey Bay & Andre.


Of course we know that in next chapter, Oden will join them along with Izo & Inuarashi/Nekomamushi & possibly Denjiro too.


In the last chapter we see Oden clashing with Whitebeard and saying he wants to join his crew.


It’s not safe to say that Whitebeard was in his Prime that time, because first of all, we haven’t seen his Devil Fruit yet, we don’t know if his rivalry with Roger started yet or not and it if he already has his own Territory (and Yonko status), but he was definitely very close and seeing how Oden clashed with him (both unleashed Conqueror’s Haki), it clearly shows us that Oden was truly powerful and no different than the big shots.

I’m sure that in his final years, Oden was as strong as Yonkos.

At first we thought that Oden was just powerful enough to really hurt Kaido and then lose but honestly seeing how powerful he is now, it’s really possible that Oden was about to defeat Kaido so Orochi saved him and tricked Oden.

Why do some people find it hard to believe? Why do some people find hard to believe that the strongest samurai of Wano could evenly clash with Whitebeard?

Looking back on the panels of Oden on Roger’s ship always stuck out to me.

Oden appears elegant and powerful just in the way the other characters are talking to him and the amount of respect they have while addressing him. Oden was not an official member of either Whitebeard or Roger’s ships and I never looked at him to be a subordinate of either of these great men. All I’m saying is since the chapter came out all I see is people downplaying Oden now and saying how Whitebeard wasn’t taking him serious based on a small clash.

*by Salah Eddine

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