Whitebeard Pirates Then & Now Comparison


33 years ago, Whitebeard left the Rocks Pirates after the death of his captain and begin his own crew.


Three years later, the Whitebeard Pirates were shipwrecked on the Kuri region of Wano Country after climbing the waterfall and lost their supplies.

We can recognize the characters in this image.


Rakuyo is the guy with the big spiky ball, and he’s the 7th division commander. Jozu was the 3rd, Vista the 5th, and Marco the 1st, but since the positions don’t seem to be the same in the past as they were 2 years ago, I’m kinda more interested in the new ones we see.


We know from what the woman in the image says that Marco at the least was still a fledgling, so it’s interesting to see him as Whitebeard’s most trusted. I think most people always assumed that he was Whitebeard’s first mate from the start of his solo career, and usually explained away the age thing with Marco’s fruit.

Anyway, the woman looks similar to Whitey Bay, who fought for Whitebeard in the Battle of Marineford.

So it’s not Miss Bakkin.

I think anyone who says that should remember the chapter with Marco and Nekomamushi. Marco says he doesn’t know much about Bakkin, but that he knows she was on a crew with Whitebeard back in the day. This is likely Rocks as we all assumed, so I doubt that’s her now, as Marco would definitely have more to say.

The other guys are cool too.

Either way, big fan of seeing young Whitebeard, and as a massive Marco fanboy, I wanna know if he had his devil fruit yet, and when he met Whitebeard. I’ve always liked the idea that Whitebeard found him in a slum/rundown country. Right now in the flashback he’s 15, so he’s practically a child really.

Can’t wait to see more!

*by Pixelizedmario

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