What if Kuma and the Ancient Robot swapped bodies and minds?


Ever since the Chapter 906 reveal of the giant straw hat and the Reverie story with Kuma, I’ve been paying close attention to the possibility of the original Joy Boy being a giant, or more importantly, how Joy Boy’s giant transformation could the spark fire that finally awakens the desire to fight for freedom in those around him (the dawn of the next generation).


Before diving deeper, note how within the SBS Questions corner of Chapter 906, we get a subtle nod to Chapter 485 where we get one of Zoro’s, Kuma’s, and One Piece’s most epic moments where “nothing happened.” We learn that Kuma is a man of honor, and despite his almost complete Pacifista transformation, he notes how Luffy is as amazing as his father, Monkey D. Dragon, and spares Luffy. At the time, we didn’t know why Kuma would be on first name basis with the leader of the Revolutionary Army. So hold that thought while I lay some back story on you.

When Road to Laugh Tale part 4 was released, we got the original concept art for what was central to Luffy’s awakening. “Sun”, “Nika”, were expected but the word “Giant” also appeared, saying “was becoming gigantic originally part of him awakening transformation?” Other notable features of the awakening include “smile”, his laugh that “spreads laughter and relieves suffering.” The pure white was already determined, which could suggest that death and being unafraid of death is part of the awakening as well. Regarding the Drums of liberation, we get “Like fireworks, a symbol of liberation, the drums ring out.


We also get the name “Hanuman Monkey God.” According to the legends, Hanuman mistook the sun for a fruit, leap to eat it, was struck down dead by Indra’s lighting, and revived by Shiva due to the suffering that resulted from his death.

Along with life, Hanuman became immortal with the wishes to have a body as strong as Indra’s thunderbolt weapon, immunity to that weapon (Luffy/rubber vs Enel/lightning), immunity to fire damage, water damage immunity (interesting), wind immunity and the speed of wind, and “the ability to move to any place where he cannot be stopped.” This god is also legendary for ripping out a part of the Himalayan mountain in his giant form to get healing herbs for the wounded and, bringing it back to a massive battle site, and dropping a piece of that along the way (reverse mountain?). Many of these have already come true for Luffy.

Another interesting detail is the Hanuman’s father is Vayu has air power, which tracks with Dragon’s coincidental appearances with strong winds, and his ship’s name, the Wind Granma. We know that there is a strong possibility that Dragon does have a devil fruit with wind (speed) or storm like properties (there are enough theories on that).

Granma is coincidentally the official newspaper for the Communist Party of Cuba named after the yacht that carried Fidel and the revolutionaries to begin the cuban revolution. Let us also also note how revolutionary newspapers like the Granma and “Big News” Morgans’ World Economy News Paper are. We are very close to learning what is the famous egghead incident that is going to shake the world, likely delivered by Morgans.

Now back to Kuma.

In Chapter 1066, we learn that he founded the Revolutionary Army along with Dragon and Ivankov. It is not a coincident that this is the same chapter that Luffy discovers the Ancient robot, which was missing it’s energy source, and asks it to move. When Luffy asked again in Chapter 1067, Kuma’s body immediately began to run towards the redline, just like the Ancient robot that attacked 200 years ago.

Fast forward to Chapter 1092. The Ancient robot is awake again.

Well what if Kuma and the Ancient Robot swapped bodies, minds, or wills to become the ultimate weapon(s) during Kuma’s final modifications by Vegapunk. Both Vegapunk and the Revolutionary Army are inheritor’s of Ohara’s will. I believe that Vegapunk was just missing Luffy to revive the Ancient robot, and that his experimentation was a success, just like Momonosuke’s devil fruit.

Through Vegapunk experimentation on Kuma’s devil fruit abilities to extract memories, emotions , as well as Vegapunk’s research on the Ancient robot, it is very possible that the Ancient robot’s will is inside of Kuma, on the way to fulfilling it’s original mission, and Kuma’s will is inside of the Ancient Robot. Now that Kizaru hurt Bonney, and G5 Giant Luffy’s/Joy Boy’s Drums of Liberation are activated again, which is probably the fuel that was missing, the Ancient Robot is awaked again. Very soon we will find out the truth. Kuma’s will will reawaken in the Ancient Robot to protect Bonney. Like Bonney said, her father would never leave her behind. We need to learn more about what she discovered from Kuma’s memories to learn who her real target is now.

It’s probable that Joy Boy’s giant heart beat is the source of power, which likely activate right now when Luffy defy’s death or near death experiences. Lucci vs Luffy was not near death. Kizaru vs Luffy as well as passing through Vegapunk’s barrier twice might be near death. During Luffy’s awakening chapter, didn’t he die? And who is to say that he has not had multiple near deaths or near deaths along his path towards awakening and his destiny. In the anime, when Luffy awakens, his voice is different, he can barley believe he his alive and his personality begins to change. The big risk here is that just like Road to Laugh Tale part 4 reminded us, and the Impel Down guards, Luffy risks being overtaken by the original Joy Boy. Many have theorized that Luffy will die at the end — we will see.

The Monkey God Hanuman awakening to his destiny as he reaches adulthood is what lifts the curse of suffering, similar to Luffy’s nearing adulthood and awakening. What if Kuma extracted the Ancient Robot’s memories with his devil fruit, and with Vegapunk’s research, Kuma was able to see for himself what the Ancient robot was fighting for and chose to become a weapon himself to fulfill Joy Boy’s promise?

I believe that no matter what, Kuma truly is a revolutionary, and for as long as he was able to exercise free will during his appearance throughout One Piece, he has repeatedly worked against his Government orders and programming and chose to protect Luffy, the Sunny and the Straw Hat Pirates who also represent the spark of revolution. Will is one of the strongest forces in One Piece and removing someone’s revolutionary spirit is difficult. To be revolutionary requires a high level of commitment, sacrifice, and belief in the dream for a New World. For Kuma to willingly choose to become a weapon for the corrupt World Government is a high gamble. It is very contradictory to what the Revolutionary Army is doing, the army that he founded. I believe that his true end goal is that he bet on Joy Boy, and the future generation’s success. What could the memories that were within the Ancient robot be?

I am excited to see how Luffy’s power expands as he continues to discover how far he can go. And if like Hanuman, he can defy the curse of devil fruits and gain immunity to water, the One Piece will be his. He might be able to avoid Buggy’s sickness as they near Laugh Tale, and he will become King of the Pirates.

*Theory by kadecahe

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