Why the World Government is hunting down the Sun God Nika


Why the World Government is hunting down the Sun God Nika

Using history as a reference, in ancient times, the dominant theory at that time was that the Stars, the Sun, the Moons, and the Planets all revolved around Earth, otherwise known as Gaia.

But now, that theory has obviously been disproven and we all know that everything revolves around the Sun, at least for our Solar System.

There are some fan theories that speculate that Imu is “Earth” or “Gaia”. Why? Because most of our Solar System has been represented in One Piece by now, with the exceptions of the Moons and Earth.

  1. The Sun = Sun God Nika = Joy Boy = Luffy
  2. Mercury = Saint Topman Warcury
  3. Venus = Saint Ethanbaron V.Nusjuro
  4. Earth = Imu
  5. Mars = Saint Marcus Mars
  6. Jupiter = Saint Shepherd Ju Peter
  7. Saturn = Saint Jaygarcia Saturn
  8. Uranus = Ancient Weapon Uranus
  9. Neptune = Ancient Weapon Poseidon
  10. Pluto = Ancient Weapon Pluton (of course, Pluto is no longer considered a main planet, but a dwarf planet, but that’s besides the point)

This is why the Five Elder Planets bow down to Imu. Because in current One Piece, everyone “revolves” around “Earth”, whom is Imu. But during the Void Century, everyone revolved around the “Sun”, whom is Sun God Nika.


So Joy Boy was probably the “leader” back then because people “revolved” around him as the Sun God Nika and it also explains why people naturally “gravitate” towards Luffy, the current Sun God Nika.

This then explains why Imu and the Five Elder Planets hate the Sun God Nika, trying to keep him a secret and want to hunt him down. Because if people knew what the Void Century was like during the era of the Sun God Nika, people would want to go back to revolving around him and not Imu, aka Earth. Additionally, they also want to make him bow down to Imu because of the theory that everything revolves around Earth.

*by Xparda

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