X Drake’s grudge against Trafalgar Law


X Drake is one of the most mysterious Supernovas. People have speculated on what role X Drake will play in Wano. I think he will be an enemy and will fight against Law.


After Donflamingo’s defeat we see X Drake’s reaction to the news.

He claims that he has no grudge against Donflamingo who murdered his father. However, what’s most interesting about this page is that X Drake’s eyes are looking directly at Law’s picture in the newspaper. It’s very subtle.

So Drake seems to be interested in Law, which isn’t too much of a surprise because they have somewhat of a past. On the island of Minion, the Marines mistook Drake for Law and took him with them.

Rewind a bit, the whole reason why the Marines were on Minion is because they were making a deal to obtain the Ope Ope no Mi fruit. The World Government placed an extremely high value on the fruit, which is explained by Donflamingo who calls the Ope Ope no Mi fruit the ultimate fruit because it can grant eternal life.


So the WG wanted the Ope Ope no Mi fruit badly. And this is where the speculation starts. The WG was able to deduce that Law ate the fruit, but thought Drake is Law i.e. they thought Drake ate the Ope Ope no Mi.


The WG wants Drake to use the Ope Ope no Mi fruit, which he can’t because he doesn’t have it, he has rare, Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit”, giving Drake the ability to transform into a theropoda dinosaur. The WG get annoyed and resort to torturing/experimenting on X Drake because they badly want the Ope Ope no Mi fruit. Drake has a big X on his chest and wears a headband which I think is to hide his scars.

In the flashback we see X Drake is extremely cowardly and frail, contrast this to his current personality it’s a complete 180 switch. I believe what he had to endure changed him. Eventually Drake snaps and turns into a T-Rex and goes on a killing rampage. When people discover the scene they are unable to explain what happened because they don’t know that Drake can turn into a T-Rex. He joins the Marines until he is old enough to go his own way.

Fast forward a bit, Drake harbours secret hatred for the WG for torturing/experimenting on him. And he hates Law because he was captured instead, without Law he wouldn’t have gone through what he had. His goals are revenge against both. He joins Kaidou’s crew so that he can help him destroy the WG kinda like how Law wanted to join Donflamingo to destroy the world. He buys into the ideology of the Beast Pirates.

From what we’ve seen of X Drake he almost has a split personality. One of a gallant knight and one of a savage beast (literally) that enjoys bloodshed. When he transforms into his T-Rex form he is extremely ruthless and smiles widely while biting down on his enemies implying he enjoys violence. Back on Sabaody he is asked by Law about how many people he has killed implying that Drake has quite a killstreak. Naturally, he would gravitate to the Beast Pirates who are most like him.

Lastly, Drake’s epithet is ‘Red Flag’ X Drake. Red flag means impending danger. So watch out Law.

*Theory by samfromthehood

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