Zoro and Shimotsuki: The Inherited Will


As the title says, decided to focus this topic around Zoro and the Shimotsuki inherited will, so let’s start.


Link between Zoro and the Shimotsuki

Oda revealed in an SBS that there was a link between Zoro’s lineage and the Shimotsuki’s from the Wano Country.

And the background around it was resolving around the fact that a former Wano citizen(Shimotsuki Kozaburo) left out to sea 55 years ago and founding the Shimotsuki village(the village Zoro grew in), teaching them the way of sword, as well as the word “Sunacchi”, which is an important expression for a samurai when he wants to throw away his name and act like a child.


And in Chapter 1023, Kawamatsu brought up the fact that there was a reason he couldn’t bring himself to stop Hiyori in giving Enma to Zoro, with Hyogoro understanding, noticing the similarity between Zoro and Shimotsuki Ushimaru, with Ryuma (another Shimotsuki, ancestor of Ushimaru) not only being also similar to him, but also being described as a one eye swordman.

This basically further hinted to the possibility that Zoro’s lineage was linked to the Shimotsuki.

Inherited will

As mentioned above, there is a link between Zoro and the Shimotsuki brought up by Oda, but it appears to go even deeper than that.

– Zoro created a bond with Shimotsuki Yasuie that pushed him to want to avenge his death.

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