Zoro being King Of Hell was foreshadowed since Chapter 265!


Zoro and Enma since Chapter 265

As the title says. I don’t know if anyone talked about this before. But on this cover page we see Zoro with a Shimotsuki Symbol setting beside a shrine. The title of the chapter is Robin vs Yama.


I think it’s clear what this cover page says. Yama which is also known as Enma is the King Of Hell. Which is a title Zoro adopted in the recent Chapter 1036.


So far Wano has been foreshadowed since forever by Oda. And what’s on that cover page has already happened in Wano.
-Zoro was led to Enma Shrine by Hiyori and it’s where Zoro vowed to avenge Yasu and it’s where he listened to Hiyori’s wish as well.
-Zoro was given Enma just like the cover page. Literally just handed to him.
-Zoro has adopted the title after conquering the blade itself.

*by Santoryu D Bazooka

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