All Zoro’s Amazing Feats in Onigashima!

  • He saved Luffy when Apoo temporarily knocked him out.
  • He fought a large quantity of Gifters. He slashed Apoo to get Chopper the serum.
  • He sliced Queen’s Gatling Gun, frightening him and causing Brook to think he had unleashed a blast Conqueror’s Haki.
  • He saved Luffy at least 5 times on the roof.
  • He cut Big Mom’s flame and Kaido’s Boro Breath, and blocked one of Kaido’s wind slices that had cut off Kiku’s arm.
  • He slashed one of Onigashima’s horns clean off with a missed attack that had Big Mom worried and caused her to note they had underestimated the Supernovas.
  • He cut Kaido’s scales with his tornado attack, causing him to spit out Luffy.
  • He momentarily blocked the combined attack of both Kaido and Big Mom, arguably the most powerful attack we’ve ever seen in the entire series. Saved all five Supernovas, sacrificing his body in the process.
  • He kept Prometheus from re-forming, causing Big Mom to drop out.
  • He, with practically every bone in his body broken, saved Luffy one final time and scarred Kaido with Ashura. Kaido noted he had Conqueror’s Haki and said if they had joined him they could conquer the world.
  • He tanked or avoided the most powerful attacks King could unleash.
  • He awakened Conqueror’s Haki, was immediately able to use it to coat his attacks, figured out King’s power, and defeated him in three blows.
  • He announced he will become the King of Hell.

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