Elbaf will focus on Supreme King Haki


Elbaf is gonna focus on explaining Supreme King Haki, Supreme Grade and the Hakoku Soverignty in greater detail. Wano was an arc that explained Ryuo(Advanced Armament) to us and Great Grade Swords and Elbaf will take that a level up.


Currently we know the following supreme grade, Whitebeard’s Naginata Murokumogiri, Mihawk’s Yoru, Roger’s cutlass Ace, the Shodai Kitetsu which many think Venusjuro has already. As of now that is 4 of 12 comfirmed supreme grade blades.

Given what Kozaburo said, Enma and Wado will become Supreme grade if Zoro turns them permanently black, which it seems clearly Mihawk has done, so his sword was originally great grade.

I believe some established blades are also supreme grade and Oda plans to comfirm they are soon in the canon. And I believe some characters who are a given to be introduced also possess Supreme Grade Blades.

1. Rocks/Shanks Sabre Gryphon

Now it is a clear given that Rocks who commanded the strongest crew in One Piece wields a supreme grade, but I will explain why that supreme grade is currently possessed by Shanks. So we know Enma which was Oden’s blade prior to Zoro, was one of the strongest katana in Wano.


Zoro fought Kaidou, and when he did Kaidou sensed the presence of Oden emanate from Zoro’s katana, he started to see the similarities between Zoro and Oden and grew respect for Zoro. We know Kaidou met Shanks during marineford, and they had a small clash which led to Kaidou leaving and Shanks going to marineford. Clearly it wasn’t an intense battle, but Shanks definitely used some force to make Kaidou leave. This being the sabre in my belief. The sabre formerly belonging to Xebec Kaidou’s captain, for the first time in 38 years Kaidou sensed Rock’s Haki, the Haki of the man Kaidou feared the most. This shook up Kaidou, and made him leave.


He saw similarities between Shanks and Rocks, which I believe Gryphon(Griffin) the weapon saw aswell. Griffin is the name of the mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle. This means the heart of a lion and the eyes of an eagle, 2 phrases that are pretty iconic.

Heart of a lion – Incredible bravery

Eyes of an eagle – Incredible vision and observation

I believe Rocks possessed these qualities just like Shanks and even more so.

2. Giant King Battle Axe

As the King of the Strongest country and the Father of Loki, it makes perfect sense that this man possesess a supreme grade weapon. A country known for loving combat and duels. Specifically I believe he possesses a battle axe reason being is that this is the common weapon of Elbaf and the world of Giants. Just as the most common weapon in the world of Pirates is the cutlass and the Pirate King wields a cutlass greater than any other, the Giant King wields a battle axe greater than any other.

He has Supreme King Haki as a given since he is a soverign of a powerful country known for combat, and I believe he has the strongest Hakoku Soverignty, one that surpasses Big Mom, Dorry and Broggy.

3. Amazon Empress Gladius

I made a theory about this a while back, that one of the former amazon empresses wielded a gladius and aegis shield, like the famous fictional empress Diane. This empress is considered the most powerful in history and respected by all the Kuja. As for her time of reign I believe she is the empress just before Gloriosa, who is now the old lady Nyon. This gladius and aegis are considered National Treasures of the Kuja but I believe they were taken from Amazon Lily, specifically by a person who went there during her reign. A man who defeated her in battle and who she suffered the love sickness for

Gloriosa said the empress before her died of this illness, and it is this specific one who I think gave the gladius and aegis to the man she fell in love with. And she died because the man did not reciprocate the feelings due to already having a woman. I believe this woman was alive when Shakky and Gloriosa were both young. The ultimate offensive weapon and the ultimate defensive weapon.

This aegis would have the mark of the gorgon aka the Kuja on it. As for who owns this aegis shield now I believe it is the leader of Cipher Pol, the commander of CP0 Aegis. Kong oversees the Navy and Cipher Pol, but each have their own leader who directly leads each, the Fleet Admiral and this guy. The empress Diane was known to be able to fly through the sky via her feet blessed by the greek deity hermes, this is literally the concept as one of the Rokushiki Geppo(MOON WALK).

I believe the man who defeated her, took her shield and used it as a foundation to create CP0 AEGIS the ultimate defensive group and the shield was then handed down to the current wielder. They may have also learnt the Moon walk from her after defeating her.

4. Silver Axe Broadaxe

This one is a given naturally, a man part of the strongest pirate crew heralded as a legendary pirate. To have an epithet that highlights the quality of his axe says alot. I believe the story of this character is based of the “Woodcutter and Hermes” story. A woodsman who was chopping wood lost his wooden axe in a lake. Hermes saw this and went to test the woodcutter, he showed him a silver and golden axe and asked if either was his and the woodcutter denied saying his axe was a Wooden one. Impressed by the mans honesty, Hermes let the man keep the Silver Axe as a replacement.

Hermes – Rocks

Woodcutter – Silver Axe

5. Spear of Nika

In the silouhette that Who’s-Who showed of Nika, we see him holding a spear. And he is called a warrior which validates the idea that he had one even more, given that calgra also wielded one and was given the title of warrior wearing similar attire to nika in the silouhette. Given how important Nika is and how strong he was, his supreme grade would easily be the strongest or one of the strongest even among this elite class.

This also gains credence when we remember that Oda drew Luffy with a distinct looking spear in a coverpage during the pre timeskip. This could be foreshadowing for Luffy acquiring this spear of Nika that only Nika could wield. And given that this is a spear, if it is tied to the land of Elbaf, Luffy could acquire the Hakoku Soverignty combined with the strongest spear. Since the move is called the spear of Elbaf it would mean Luffy would develop the strongest Hakoku, one that surpasses the Giant King and Big Mom. Which makes alot of sense given the arc.

6. Garling Sword (Longsword)

Garling as the Supreme Commander of the Holy Knights can be expected to be pretty powerful, and since he was a valuable asset in God Valley, a battle which contained some of the most powerful people on the planet, he would need to scale to them to some degree. Since his a knight I naturally assumed his sword might be a longsword given that is the common swords of knights. Not much else to substatiate this potential case but it was good pick regardless

7. Shiki Short Swords (Oto and Kogarashi)

Shiki is one of the most powerful pirates in history, a pirate who rivals the Pirate King and Whitebeard, he is clearly portrayed to be a tier above the Yonko as a pirate. Given his legendary status and portrayal, it wouldn’t be far fetched to say one or both of his short sword are supreme grade. Although the idea of Shiki possessing 2 is a bit hard to believe, and I can’t remember correctly if he turned these 2 blades into his feet after losing his legs because if so that disregards the idea that it is a supreme grade. But since it was highlighted with Shanks sabre I wouldn’t put it past Oda and wouldn’t be surprised if he had one.

*Theory by Rickyszn034

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