Jewelry Bonney’s Nika Transformation is a cathartic moment for her whole Family


In Chapter 1118, with Gear 5 Luffy’s encouragement, Bonney manages to transform into Nika as well.
Some people are acting as if this came out of nowhere but this moment isn’t about a power up for Bonney. If they were paying attention, they’d see how connected Nika is to Bonney’s family. How the idea of Nika finally setting them free was around from Kuma’s childhood.
It’s a cathartic moment for her whole family and them finally being free from being slaves and victims of the World Government.

That panel of Bonney and Luffy really put a smile on my face. She finally not only gets to see the source of Kuma’s faith and hope but becomes it in at least a small way.
The man not only born as a slave but who lived practically his whole life a slave, aiming for freedom and wishing for Joy Boy – who he would eventually help survive, and would in his turn help his daughter survive and become as free as she can be.

I love Oda’s ability to use so many different references to a theme in his story and deliver something as meaningful as this!

*by HarimaToshirou2

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