Will the Five Elders be defeated in the Egghead arc?


What exactly is the thing that shocks the world in this whole Egghead scenario? We have been changing the answer to this question several times as the arc progressed.

First, it was the fight between a Yonko and an Admiral.

Then we changed it to the descend of the World’s Highest Authority on the surface.

Then it turned into ex-Warlord Kuma punching the Celestial Dragon Saturn.

Then it all got turned up-side-down by Saturn summoning all of the Elders.

And finally, even such an event got dwarfed by Vegapunk’s message to the world.

However, other than general info about the ancient conflict nothing was really spilled. Nothing other than the old world being sunken by Ancient Weapons and that it ain’t over.

The biggest reaction peace we ever saw until now was regarding this. But is the world actually shocked?

Doesn’t seem like it, to me at least. What if the real shock will come from something else instead? What if that shock is complete annihilation of the World’s Highest Authority? All 5 Five Elders.

No way! People would say, it is impossible, they are too powerful. No way 5 people with overwhelming Haki get beaten in an escape arc. And you might be right, after all, Oda is a master of “mountain was shaking, a mouse came out” and theme of Egghead is nothing gets done.

But, let’s entertain this idea of all Five Elders getting beaten. Is it possible? Absolutely! There is more than enough force on Egghead to beat all 5 of them:

There are 2 Sun Gods present now and there are 2 Giant Warrior Pirates captains.

There is a Demon God on the island, there is an ex-Warlord on the island with water powers which is a natural enemy of Devil Fruit merchants.

There is another ex-Warlord with ridiculous Devil Fruit abilities but cannot be counted as fighting force as he seems braindead, at least for now.

There is an Ancient Giant who rampaged through Mary Geoise and is seemingly fueled by funny heartbeats and he is on overdrive now(2x Doom dut Da Da). And ultimately, there is a nearly fresh and conflicted Admiral chilling somewhere who might switch sides…

Let’s sum it up, the 5 Elders are facing Nika Bonney, Nika Luffy, Warlord Jinbe, Warlord Kuma, Giant Brogy, Giant Dorry, Ancient Giant, Admiral Kizaru and a Demon God Zoro. This is a 5vs9 situation and even Robin could join the fray as she too has Giant form and has beef with Elders…

In the end, could the Egghead Incident end up in all 5 of the Elders getting clapped?

*Theory by nik87

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