Official Results of the 1st ONE PIECE Character World Popularity (150-101)


Weekly Shōnen Jump occasionally organizes popularity polls of One Piece characters and publishes the results. The results will also be published later in the One Piece Volumes with some differences from the original.


The 7th Poll was the first global poll. Fans could vote either by postcard, which counts for 10 votes, or online on the official site which counts for one vote. Fans could select from 1,174 characters to vote for on the website, and could cast one vote each day. Voting ended on February 28 at 2:59 PM UTC.

The first results of the 7th Official Poll have just been revealed (ranging from position 150 to position 100). Let’s take a look:


In case people don’t remember who these characters are:

150: Tyrannosaurus, Iceburg’s mouse. Name given during his meeting with the Straw Hats.

149: Rear Admiral Hina, the marine who followed them in Alabasta with the Ori Ori no Mi. Caught Bentham and calls herself “Hina” instead of saying “I”, a “cutesy” form of referring to oneself in Japan.

148: Nojiko, Nami’s adopted sister.

147: Nezumi, the marine officer who was bribed by Arlong and was responsible for Luffy getting his first bounty.

146: Rocks D. Xebec, the historical figure who was defeated at God Valley by Roger and Garp. The Yonko except Shanks and Teach were all in his crew.

145: Ryuunosuke, the dragon drawn by Kanjuro to scale Zunesha in the beginning of Zou. Super sad death made even Robin shed a tear.

144: Queen, calamity of Kaido with the Brachiosaurus fruit. Funky as hell.

143: Galdino, formerly known as Mr. 3, major antagonist of Little Garden with Wax fruit. With Buggy right now.

142: Yonji, Sanji’s brother from Germa 66 with the winch powers.

141: Sasaki, Tobi Roppo with the Tirceratops fruit


140: Kumashi, the bear zombie doll thing following Perona around on Thriller Bark. Perona found him when she went back to TB, unknown what she did with it.

139: Arlong, major antagonist of Arlong Park (east blue). Shyarly’s brother.

138: Conis, the ally of the Straw Hats in Skypeia with Gan Fall. Bearer of the “Will of P”, Pagaya, is her father.

137: The drawing of Nami as a fishman from way back in East Blue.

136: Leo, Tontatta from Dressrosa and a commander of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

135: Jabra, Tekkai Kenpo Master of the CP9 and Wolf fruit user. Only CP9 who could move freely while using Tekkai. Attacks often contained wolf puns.

134: Ryuma, zombie with Brook’s shadow in Thriller Bark who gave Zoro Shuusui after his defeat. Legendary figure from Wano and slayed a Dragon in another of Oda’s One-shots.

133: Alvida, first real antagonist of Luffy’s, ate the Sube Sube no Mi. With Buggy now.

132: Foxy, antagonist of Long Ring Long Land’s Davy Back Fight, with the Noro Noro no Mi.

131: Raki, the one female commander of the Shandia crew in Skypeia.

130: Sugar, Doflamingo’s officer who turned everyone into toys in Dressrosa. Monet’s sister.

129: Kalgara, Shadian leader and Noland’s bro in the Skypiea flashback.

128: Violet (Viola), officer of the Doflamingo Pirates in Dressrosa, queen of Dressrosa now. Rebecca’s sister.

127: Belo Betty, Revo Commander with the Kobu Kobu no Mi to inspire others, shown during the Levely arc. She’s based on a painting, “Liberty leading the people”.

126: Page One, Tobi Roppo with the Spinosaurus fruit. Oda, after learning new info about Spinosauruses (?), changed his tail.

125: Dr. Kureha, Chopper’s caretaker in Drum. At 141, she’s 50-ish years older than the next two oldest humans we know, Streusen and Brook.

124: Higuma, mountain bandit in chapter 1 who was eaten by the Lord of the Coast.

123: Magellan, Vice-Chief Warden of Impel Down. Demoted after the mass outbreak. User of the Doku Doku no Mi.

122: Bellamy, a fighter of Doflamingo’s crew and formerly captain of his own crew. Currently retired and flag-maker.

121: Daz Bones, formerly known as Mr. 1, opponent who made Zoro be able to cut iron. Hilariously named “Jazz Boner” in early german manga.

120: Diesel, the train-looking dude in the mirror world with Brulée. Longarm.

119: Hannyabal, Chief Warden of Impel Down. Promoted after Magellan’s demotion following Impel Down’s mass outbreak.

118: Kalifa, CP9 member, former secretary to Iceburg and user of the Awa Awa no Mi.

117: Gedatsu, Priest of Enel on Skypeia and blasted himself into earth when he was stuck in Swamp clouds. One of the only coverstories so far without a payoff in-story.

116: King, Calamity of Kaido with the Pteranodon fruit, from a race not present on Tottoland and thought to be extinct. Despite having had like 3 introduction boxes so far, his bounty’s still unknown.

115: Ichiji, Sanji’s brother from Germa 66. Fire powers.

114: Makino, barkeeper in Foosha Village. Had a child during the timeskip.

113: Dadan, mountain bandit strongarmed by Garp into taking care of Ace and Luffy. Loves them like a mother.

112: Batchee, fly caught in Fullbody’s soup. Yup, that fly has a name.

111: Niji, Sanji’s brother from Germa 66. Lightning powers.

110: Kyros, Rebecca’s father and Toy soldier in Dressrosa.

109: Laboon, formerly Brook’s travelling companion and now waiting for him. Has Luffy’s Jolly Roger on his forehead to not kill himself by tackling the Red Line.

108: Mikita, formerly known as Miss Valentine. Antagonist in Little Garden with the Kiro Kiro no Mi.

107: Iceburg, mayor of Water 7 and acquaintance of Franky. Helped build the Thousand Sunny.

106: Farafra, member of Kohza’s rebels in the Arabasta arc. Again yes, that random rebel has a name. Oda likes naming things and people.

105: Montblanc Noland, Cricket’s ancestor and called “Liar” when the knock up stream put the Shandians into the sky in the flashback of the Skypeia arc.

104: Captain Kuro, known as “Klahadore” in Syrup Village who planned to massacre everyone, including his crew, and retire with Kaya’s money.

103: Penguin, one of the two guys always with Law. Has been following Law since long ago.

102: Baby 5, Sai’s wife and former officer of the Doflamingo Pirates in Dressrosa. Ate the Buki Buki no Mi.

101: Nekomamushi, ruler of the night on Zou. Member of the nine red scabbards and former retainer of Oden

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