Ranking the Performances of the Wano Alliance Members!


Today I will try to rank the contributions of the important characters during the Onigashima raid. First, I’ll be using these 4 ranks to categorize each contribution, the criteria for each rank are explained below. It’s important to note that these are not solely based on powerscaling, but rather the effect each feat had on the overall war, strength obviously plays a role but it is only a part of it.


Highest to Lowest

– Diamond

– Gold

– Silver

– Bronze


The Straw Hat Pirates


– First up is Luffy, his greatest 2 achievements during the raid are leading the Straw Hats and defeating Kaido. I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that performed well in this arc, it’s kinda how every arc in One Piece is.


– It might seem unfair to some for me to give Luffy the highest tier just for being a captain, but the truth of the matter is that the strongest force on the alliance side (the Straw Hats) would have no reason of being here if Luffy didn’t lead them to the raid.


– One of the most impactful members of the alliance, he has been fighting strong opponents since the begging of the raid. He was also great support on the rooftop and down on the live floor.

– Zoro’s most impactful feat in this arc would be blocking the combined attack from Big Mom and Kaido, if he wasn’t present 4 of the strongest fighters would either be out of the fight to fatally injured. Basically giving the alliance a 0% chance of winning.

Usopp & Nami

– Usopp and Nami were together throughout most of the raid, so I lumped them together. Their performance was honestly just embarrassing. Hopefully, that’s amended during Elbaf.


– Sanji’s mostly played support this arc and other than defeating Quen there isn’t much of note, not the best performance but a solid one.

– This isn’t that surprising since he did have an arc centered around, so he did get kinda sidelined when it comes to overall contributions


– Mainly played a support role in this arc

– Chopper also had a solid performance this arc, which is surprising since he really didn’t defeat anyone of note.

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