Ranking the Performances of the Wano Alliance Members!


Robin & Brook:

– It seemed like Oda wanted to give Robin a more impactful contribution to the arc and that came at the cost of Brook not being as useful as he was in the previous arc.


Franky & Jinbe

– Both affected the raid around the same level they defeated comparable opponents and then continued the raid providing support to different characters


Allied Forces

Next up are the different allied characters in Wano, I didn’t include every character since that would take forever but I tried to focus on the important ones.

Law & Kid

– Law & Kid, both far exceeded the expectation I had for them and without either of them, I can’t see how the alliance even has a chance of winning.


– Killer on the other hand didn’t really pull his weight this arc other than a few stand-out scenes here and there, his performance didn’t measure up to the other 4 rooftop Supernovas.

– Still not a bad performance but not great by any measure.

Yamato, Marco & O-tama

Lastly, is what I would call the support team, they didn’t really have a major win against any opponents but they all made up for it by supporting the alliance in their own way

– Otama: gained new allies

– Yamato: kept Kaido stalled long enough

– Marco: cut the enemies forces by a large percentage by removing Big Mom’s ship

This concludes my analysis of the important characters’ achievements throughout the raid.

*by Usidbader12

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