The New Straw Hat Pirates Bounties After Wano – Ranked

  • Yamato: 700 Millions. This is just a guess, and it’s absurdly high for a first bounty, but depending on what Yamato does or how public that knowledge is, I could see him/her getting a high bounty for being the child of an Emperor, and betraying that Emperor to join the Straw Hats if that’s what winds up happening.
  • Usopp: 500 Millions. I could see him getting credit for something ridiculous, like if CP0 falls under the impression that he was able to brainwash all of the Gifters on Kaido’s side and that he has 8000 followers.
  • Franky: 199 Millions. I’m guessing that Nami, Franky, and Brook are going to get roughly 100 million upgrades just for being associated with Luffy, though I could see Franky being annoyed that he still hasn’t cracked 200 millions.
  • Brook: 188 Millions
  • Nami: 170 Millions
  • Carrot much like Pedro, I don’t think she’d be mistaken for a pet (plus, if Carrot winds up getting a bounty, it would be funny if she’s taken seriously while Chopper’s bounty’s still a gag). If it’s based on her normal form, something fairly small but still legitimate like 15 Millions. I could see it going much higher if Sulong is taken into account and if she ultimately beats Perospero.
  • Chopper is going to have the biggest multiplier of all – his bounty will go up by ten times its previous amount, bringing him to a whopping total of 1000 Berries!

I’m assuming that, if Yamato or Carrot get bounties, it will be something to help encourage them to travel with the Straw Hats, much like with Franky. Not that either one of them would need the encouragement, but it gives them a reason to leave Momonosuke and Zou, respectively.

*by Megadoomer2

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