The Real Name of Luffy’s Devil Fruit has already been revealed to us!


In Chapter 1037 it was revealed that a certain devil fruit was renamed to erase it from history.


I think it’s safe to assume that the Five Elders are talking Luffy’s devil fruit.

So what is the real name? Judging by the last panel Luffy seems to posses the abiliy of some viscous fluid and considering the abilities he’s shown so far, the best bet is a resin devil fruit.

Resin Properties That Fit with Luffy’s Devil Fruit Powers:

  • 1-Resin has an “amber state” where it’s stretchy (LUFFY’S BASE FORM)
  • 2- Resin becomes soft on heating (LUFFY’S GEAR 2)
  • 3- Resin burns with a smoky flame when ignited (LUFFY’S RED ATTACKS)
  • 4- Resin can be hardened (LUFFY’S GEAR 4)
  • 5- Resin is an insulator, epoxy resins are widely used as insulators (LUFFY VS ENEL)

But why am I so sure of it, you may ask. We all know by now how much Oda-Sensei tends to hide hints in the chapter titles and numbers. Well, Latest Chapter was #1043.

10-4-3 which can be read as Ju-Shi-Mi.

Jushi happens to be the japanese word for resin, hence Luffy’s Gomu Gomu No Mi is actually the Jushi Jushi No Mi.

Allow me to present you some more hints that strengthen this theory. First of all I’d like to show you the Colorspread of Chapter 1039.

The monkey king is showing Luffy the tree sap which looks suspiciously like the goo revealed in this chapter.

Furthermore, during an interview from 2020, Oda-Sensei revealed his 3 favorite scenes from the Story. We can safely assume that these scenes are very important for the story, which I’ll try to explain going forward.

The first one is the introduction of Wano. We all know that Wano is a pretty important Arc in the story.

A lot of things has been revealed in this Arc which have major implications for the end of the series. In a way the introduction was the kickstarter for the end of the series. Let’s not forget that this Arc was teased ages ago and was hyped up like no other.

The second scene is the party on Skypiea. The parallels here being Luffy’s silouhette resembling the Sun God Nika’s silouhette.

Oda is laying the groundwork for the Final Clash between Kaido and Luffy!

Current Location of All Major Characters in Onigashima (Chapter 1043)