Current Location of All Major Characters in Onigashima (Chapter 1043)

  • Kaido wins against Luffy.
  • Kaido then proceeds to stomp CP0 dude.
  • We have shots confirming Kawamatsu and other CP0 dude remain in their previous locations (live floor and guest room).
  • Kaido comes into the live floor and starts wrecking shit.
  • Nami leaves the Bathhouse and confronts Kaido, Kaido attacks Nami and is blocked by Marco.
  • Fodder attacks Kid and Law, and are blocked by their crews.
  • Nekomamushi and Carrot arrive in the live floor and rush to where Kaido is (I decided to also bring Wanda in since they were together last time and there’s no real reason they would split).
  • Law and Kid prepare to face Kaido.
  • We see Yamato is riding Momonosuke.
  • Zunesha speaks about Joy Boy returning and Luffy smiles. I don’t know how to portray this in the map, is it even Luffy? I’m just gonna wait on this one.

With the way the plot is heading, it’s nice to get a good reminder as to where everybody is:

*by kerbeks12

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