The Reason why Sanji has Conqueror’s Haki just like Zoro and Luffy!


By now y’all must be tired of seeing this same Sanji/Luffy Conqueror’s Haki thingy….


I guess it must mean something … so let’s move. I thought Zoro did something similar to that with Asura.

However apparently the Kanjis are slightly different to mean something else. Here is what a friend of mine said about this when compared the Luffy/Sanji panels to the Zoro:


So he says the Zoro kanji is different in a way, and more akin to the impact of blades. I then asked about another Zoro moment, with Kanji’s similar to Shanks.


I got similar translation as the Luffy/Sanji panel:

So now could Stare/Glare = Conqueror’s Haki? Maybe not entirely, there is a thing it needs for it to be a Conqueror’s Haki Stare in my opinion. That is Lines protruding from the eyes….

Many times in the series there have been glares….but most don’t protrude lines from the eyes. For example:

Usually lines coming from the eyes is always basic usage of Conqueror’s Haki glares. Examples:

Of course these examples have to do with Conqueror’s Haki stares, and not every Conqueror’s Haki usage comes out of the eyes. And for why lines didn’t protrude for Shanks, well it’s early One Piece, so Oda didn’t think about it then…

So in my opinion Glare/Stare Kanji, with lines protruding from your eyes is probably showing Conqueror’s Haki. So in my opinion yes, Sanji fits the bill.

And Zoro probably used Conqueror’s Haki to tame Enma…

Kaido is already using his Devil Fruit Awakening!

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