Kaido is already using his Devil Fruit Awakening!


First of all let’s take a look at Kaido’s hybrid form, especially the face. His face on hybrid form has the same features as his regular face: sharp nose, “normal” eyebrows, and regular teeth (excep the fangs which grow larger.)


However, in Chapter 1037 it’s possible to see for the first time what I believe are glimpses of his awakened hybrid form. See the following image, notice the increased muscularity and above all, the different facial features: rounder nose, jagged teeth, and “beast-like” eyebrows.

Kaido’s beast form – notice the similar eyebrows to the “awakened” hybrid form


In Chapter 1042 the same form is also shown in certain panels, after Kaido launches a powerful attack.


Awakened Zoans on their hybrid forms, from what we know feature more “animalistic” facial characteristics and increased muscle size. This fits with what we see on Kaido.

It has also been recently stated, in the Kid & Law fight vs Big Mom, that using an awakened devil fruit consumes an important amount of stamina so I state that Kaido is using his awakening only for certain attacks, to make them stronger and more destructive, as awakened Zoans have enhanced physical stats.

Chapter 544 – Crocodile comments on awakened Zoans


*by Cromenon

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