What Is the Meaning of Emet in One Piece?


Created 900 years ago during the Void Century, Emet’s original purpose remains shrouded in mystery.
The full extent of its abilities is currently unknown. It was able to climb the Red Line and was considered to be far beyond the scientific knowledge of the time. It attacked Mary Geoise 200 years ago before running out of energy and becoming inactive.
The “Drums of Liberation” can power it up, although the mechanism remains unclear. Once Emet fully recognized Luffy as Joy Boy, the robot recovered instantly and punched Warcury with enough force to break off his tusks and cause the Elder to bleed, effectively dealing damage to his tremendous hide that not even Luffy with his peak strength using Gear 5 was able to achieve.

So the word Emet means Truth in Hebrew, and was “used” in mythology and folktales to bring a golem to life. Golems are only created by rabbi/other holy people, and were “awakened” using a name of God, or in the Bohemian Jewish tales, with the word Emet, “truth.” “Truth” was chosen because the golems are created to carry out a divine duty. If you erase a letter in Emet (aleph), one creates the word “met,” meaning dead/death, which deactivates the golem until it is needed once again. It’s quite possible that this robot is a metal golem created by Joy Boy or one of his associates, and its “divine” duty to Joy Boy (and thus sun god Nika) is to fight against the oppression of the World Government, Imu, etc.

Adam (the first man in the Genesis creation myth) is quite literally a golem per Talmud (rabbinic commentary to be read alongside Tanakh’s stories like Genesis) who is given a breath of life by God, rather than a command.

I’m also pretty sure that Vegapunk was discussing the Will of D. in his little text bubbles, as he mentions the words “inherited will” and he feels bad for them and hopes his message brings “them” hope.

*by HulklingsBoyfriend

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