Why Jewelry Bonney Using Haki Makes Sense!


I’m baffled by those surprised that Bonney has Haki.
Rayleigh literally explains that everyone has Haki. The ability to use it needs training or… it’ll bloom during life threatening situations and fights.
Bonney is literally a Supernova who is sailing in the New World. Her not having Haki would be surprising and doesn’t make sense.

“But she’s only 12! And She didn’t work for it like Luffy!” Complaints

1- Okay, and? Since when was Haki tied to age? There’s nothing about Haki that says you need X age to awaken it or train it. Ace uses Conqueror’s Haki when he was 10.. Luffy could only do the same at 17. If someone trained Ace, or he was involved in life threatening situations then he’d be using Haki since then. Koby unlocked Conqueror’s Haki at 16, younger than Luffy was.
There was Aisa too. A 9 years old with a very strong Observation Haki in Skypiea.

2- Bonney already showed that she’s stronger than most kids her age. Bonney was defeating grown men at 8 and younger.

3- She’s 12 yet she’s in the New World. She has been a pirate for years and was involved in many dangerous situations that is enough for her to awaken her Haki. We also see Bonney train, so there’s no reason to assume she didn’t train her Haki too.

4- Oh, she didn’t earn it? Weird how this didn’t seem a problem to Big Mom and Kaido. Both literally born monsters far stronger than Luffy was as a kid. Big Mom at 5 was burning down a village of Elbaf. Kaidou was everyone’s problem. And then Big Mom got her strong fruit by chance, while she literally gifted Kaidou his overpowered devil fruit.

Some people had no problems with others being handed powers, but now has a problem with Bonney using stuff that makes sense?

*by HarimaToshirou2

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