The 3 Islands Luffy, Kid and Law are heading to!


Chapter 1056 seems to show the end of the Luffy, Law and Kid Alliances and we get told that they will travel separately on one of three paths: Law will take the North-Eastern path, Kid taking the Eastern path and Luffy taking the South-Eastern path.


However we have an interesting discovery when looking at the map that was presented in this chapter when compared to the unofficial world map.

We can see some striking similarities in the structure of the future islands so lets have a look at the map presented in chapter Chapter 1056 against the unofficial map of One Piece.


We can see some pretty close similarities between them, so the question is which of these islands will the Straw Hats go to and where will the others go? Now assuming the locations of these islands in the unofficial map is correct and we re-adjust the map as to have North-West pointing down as shown in Law’s map we can add some names to where the Straw Hats and the rest will go!


So according to this map it would seem that:

Luffy is heading to Yukiryu Island.

Kid is heading towards Port Chibaralta Island.

Law is heading to Hachinosu Island, also known as Fullalead.

Yukiryu Island (potential next location for the Straw Hat Pirates)

Yukiryu Island was first introduced in Chapter 234 during the Sky Island Saga and is a snowy island located in the New World, it appears to have a giant volcano as well as rock formations that appear to look like a dragon (Yukiryu can be translated to Snow Dragon which is likely where it got its name). Yukiryu is also the Island where we see Shanks when he gets a call from Rockstar about Whitebeard tearing up his letter.

Is this island one of Shank’s territories?

Will we see Shanks here?

This is currently all I could gather about this Island.

Port Chibaralta Island (potential next location for the Kid Pirates)

Port Chibaralta Island was first introduced in the Ace Novels and was one of Whitebeard’s territories and was run by Oliva however Oliva was participating in slave trading which was highly looked down by Whitebeard which ultimately lead to Oliva having to be taken down. After the death of Whitebeard Port Chibaralta lost its protection and currently the situation of the island is unknown.

Could we run into another remnant of the Whitebeard Pirates, perhaps Vista?

Hachinosu Island (potential next location for the Heart Pirates)

This is going to be an interesting Island…

Hachinosu Island was first introduced in Chapter 925 and is currently in control of the Blackbeard Pirates. From what we know Hachinosu Island is where the origin of the Davy Back Fights begin and was also the location of where the Rocks Pirates where formed. Assuming the Blackbeard Pirates are still here whoever enters this Island is here for a rough time.

Will we meet the Blackbeard Pirates here?

History of the Rocks Pirates and Davy Back Fights?

Potential death of a pirate crew?

Now I want to emphasise that the maps are not 100% accurate and it is possible for either of the crews to go to any of these locations (or none at all) so take everything here with a rather large grain of salt.

This is the end game of One Piece and we might be looking at the last few islands before Laugh Tale!

*by NextEmperor97

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